5 Best Avalanche wallets for 2023

To combat some of the limitations on Ethereum, of which high gas fees the most. Avalanche network is trying to save the day.

What is Avalanche?

In simple words, Avalanche is a blockchain network. That is just like Ethereum and other smart blockchains. But Avalanche has made some changes to its network making it faster, cheaper, and more scalable. To do that Avalanche works with a multi-chain system. Because of this, the blockchain has seen an increase in popularity and also an increase in Avalanche users. So that is why in this blog we take a look at the 5 best Avalanche wallets!

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1. Metamask

The most used wallet in the world. Metamask works originally as an Ethereum wallet. But can also connect to other blockchains that run an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Because of this feature, Metamask can run the Avalanche blockchain and many other smart chains. Making it the perfect Avalanche wallet for users that also make use of other smart chains. Adding Avalanche to the Metamask is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. To see how to do that check our blog here. Want to read more about Metamask? Check out our Metamask review here!

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2. TokenPocket

The TokenPocket is also a well-known multi-crypto wallet. TokenPocket offers support for almost all major cryptocurrencies and tokens. So you can use multiple chains in one wallet. Besides that TokenPocket has a build-in Dapp browser. So you can find all the Decentralized Applications you want on any chain. Making trading, earning interest, and collecting NFT’s super easy. This way you can explore the whole Avalanche ecosystem from within your wallet. So with TokenPocket, you can experience the full power of blockchain technology.

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3. XDeFi

The XDEFI wallet, also labeled as the Metamask killer. XDefi has a very similar way of working as the Metamask. But has added some extra blockchains and separate features. Which makes the wallet a competitor for the top of crypto wallets. Although as of writing, XDefi does not support a native AVAX coin wallet. It does give you the option to store AVAX tokens on it through the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. But don’t worry if that is not what you are looking for. XDefi has already announced that they want to add the Avalanche blockchain in the future and with the speed of their development, we can expect that very soon.

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4. Trust Wallet

The Trust wallet, the most popular mobile crypto wallet in the world. With of course support for the AVAX C-Chain. Because Trust wallet focuses on an easy to use user-friendly environment. The wallet has a sleek layout with multichain support. This means that if you already use other blockchains and Dapps that you could bridge them to AVAX from within the wallet. So with these features swapping and bridging tokens can be done by anyone. The Trust wallet has not only good features and a clean design but also a big strong team behind it. The project was launched with the support of the Binance exchange. Making it one of the best supported and fastest crypto storage projects out there.

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The AVME wallet is a quite unique wallet compared to the others. The wallet currently only offers support for Avalanche its tokens and NFT’s. But has some very unique features. Because the AVME is not just a wallet. No, it works actually as anti-virus software. The AVME protocol uses the Avalanche network in its system, making it a wallet for the blockchain at the same time. But also working as a decentralized anti-virus system. Which is something we have not seen before. Although the project is still quite new, we can see this going somewhere. As the feature to transact over AVAX with a decentralized anti-virus protecting your device seems great!We hope that you will like one of the above-mentioned AVAX wallets just as much as we did. So that you too can enjoy the Avalanche ecosystem. But just in case these are not the ones you were looking for. You can filter through all with our Avalanche wallet filter. Here you can find all the Avalanche wallets that there are, and also filter for some extra features and tokens.

Avalanche wallet F.A.Q.

Where can I find the official Avalanche wallet?

You can find the official Avalanche wallet on their website. It is however Web-only for now.

How much does it cost to store AVAX on these wallets?

Nothing, all these storage places mentioned here are all free to use.

Where can I safely store my crypto?

Which crypto app to trust is a difficult thing. We would recommend reading reviews about a provider before trusting them with your crypto. But when it comes to having outside forces stealing your crypto. You can best look at a Hardware wallet like Ledger. As these devices store your crypto offline, away from (online) hackers.

Does AVAX support games?

Yes the AVAX blockchains support many games and also NFT’s, tokens, and many Dapps.

What is the current AVAX price?

You can find the AVAX price on websites like CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko.We hope this article helped you find a place to put your AVAX coins. But if you like to go through more different wallets for other blockchains. You can go to our filter page. Here you can find a place to store for all the different cryptocurrencies that there are. If this article helped you then don’t forget to check out the others and give us a like and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

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