Best BRC-20 wallets

With the fast growth of the BRC-20 token ecosystem. We also see a fast growth of wallets and exchanges supporting BRC-20 tokens. So that’s why in this article we show you the best BRC-20 wallets. Which we keep up to date for you. These include only wallet providers that support the Bitcoin token protocol and not any centralized exchanges as that is not our focus. 

If you want to learn more about BRC-20 tokens and the “New Era of Fungible Tokens on Bitcoin”, you can check out our article about the new token standard.

How do I store BRC20 tokens?

Storing BRC-20 wallets is as simple as storing any other crypto token. The only difference is that these are living on the Bitcoin blockchain. In theory, you could keep your BRC-20 tokens on any wallet that makes use of Bitcoin Taproot addresses. However, you should note that not all wallets that have this support also have the functionality to display the Ordinals scripts. So not all wallets Bitcoin let you send BRC-20 tokens. But many of them could store them. But not display them. 

That is why, if you want to make use of BRC-20 tokens, you can best use one of the wallets on this list. So you know that they will support BRC-20 tokens completely for both sending and receiving. Most of the Bitcoin wallets listed below however are non-custodial. Which makes you fully responsible for the funds on them.

BRC-20 on Hardware wallets

At the moment, no hardware wallets offer specific support for BRC-20 tokens. But in theory, any wallet that supports Taproot could support the new token standard. So if you have a hardware wallet that you know supports Taproot addresses and you would like to keep your tokens on it till they over an interface feature for it. Then you could already send them there. If not, keep an eye on this article as we will update it in the future and hopefully will be able to add some hardware wallets to it as well. 

List of the Best BRC-20 wallets

Now Let's take a look at the Best BRC-20 wallets. These are all the best wallets that support the Bitcoin BRC-20 token standard. And we will update this list whenever we can to reflect the current support for Bitcoin tokens.

1. Unisasts

The UniSat wallet is a unique browser extension that allows users to easily store, send, and receive Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain. One of its standout features is the ability to inscribe, or mint, Ordinals on-the-fly without running a full node. The wallet is 100% open-source and is built on a hierarchical deterministic framework, meaning that users can generate accounts from their Secret Recovery Phrase. UniSat wallet prioritizes user privacy and never stores any sensitive information. Private keys are encrypted on the user's device and are never shared with anyone. The wallet also supports the storage and transfer of BRC-20 tokens. Overall, the UniSat wallet is a safe and reliable choice for those looking to manage their Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

2. Hiro

The Hiro wallet is a reliable and widely-used wallet for apps built on the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows users to connect to various apps and manage their assets securely, including BTC L2s, Ordinals, and BRC-20 tokens. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, the Hiro wallet is a popular choice for many Stacks blockchain users.

One of the key features of the Hiro wallet is its ability to receive Bitcoin into Native SegWit addresses, across multiple accounts. Users can also send Bitcoin to any type of Bitcoin address, creating and viewing inscriptions in their "Collectibles" area. The wallet makes it easy to view and manage Bitcoin balances across accounts, as well as view the history of Bitcoin transactions.

The Hiro wallet also offers the flexibility to toggle between networks, such as testnet for testing with tBTC. So the Hiro wallet is a trusted and convenient option for those looking to manage their Bitcoin assets on the Stacks blockchain.

3. Xverse

The Xverse wallet is a highly advanced and user-friendly web3 Bitcoin wallet that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of those interested in DeFi and other decentralized applications powered by Stacks (STX) and secured by Bitcoin. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to manage their Bitcoin Ordinals/BRC-20 tokens and NFTs.

The Xverse wallet offers a range of features, including the ability to earn Bitcoin (BTC) with Xverse stacking pool, connect to Bitcoin web3 Dapps powered by Stacks, and a nice home for your Bitcoin digital assets. The wallet prioritizes user safety and security, with 100% control over your assets and data, encrypted private keys stored only on your device, regular security audits, and biometric authentication.

So in addition, Xverse provides easy access to a range of Stacks DApps, such as the ability to swap tokens using ALEX and Arkadiko, trade digital assets on and Byzantion, and earn a yield on MiamiCoin and NYCCoin. For those who are already using the Hiro desktop wallet, Xverse can easily sync your existing wallet in seconds. Xverse wallet is a good choice for those looking for a secure and convenient web3 Bitcoin wallet. So they can make use of Web3 on Bitcoin.

4. OKX wallet

The OKX wallet is a strong and widely accessible multi-platform crypto wallet that provides access to over 3000+ tokens (including BRC-20s) and thousands of DApps and web3 ecosystem with ease. As a non-custodial decentralized wallet, customers are in full control of their private keys and crypto assets.

The OKX wallet is also a multi-chain wallet, supporting both EVM and non-EVM chains with plans to support more chains in the future. This allows customers to seamlessly access DApps on different chains without the need to switch wallets.

Whether on mobile, web, or extension, the OKX wallet is a highly secure and user-friendly option for managing your crypto assets across various platforms and chains.

5. Sparrow wallet

Sparrow wallet is a Bitcoin wallet focused on security, privacy, and usability. It supports single-sig and multi-sig wallets on common script types, various connection options, and full PSBT support. It also has a fully featured transaction editor that functions as a blockchain explorer, allowing for editing of all transaction fields and easy inspection of transaction bytes before broadcasting. So Sparrow is ideal for tech-savvy users and hardcore Bitcoiners who value financial self-sovereignty. It offers a privacy journey from using public servers to using cold storage techniques on private servers.

6. Token Pocket

TokenPocket wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet that connects users to the blockchain world with ease. With support for EVM-based chains like Ethereum and BNB Chain, users can experience DApps, DeFis, and crypto assets directly from their Chrome browser. TokenPocket is an open-source multi-blockchain wallet with a large user base and various node options for multiple blockchains. It offers a user-friendly interface for accessing and utilizing Dapps, enabling users to engage in staking, mining, DeFi protocols, and blockchain games. We added TP wallet to this list because, on the 9th of May, they announced that they would adopt the BRC-20 standard to their wallet. So Token Pockets also joins the ranks of wallets with support for BRC-20s. 

7. Bitkeep

The BitKeep decentralized wallet is a crypto wallet trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. It offers a safe and transparent platform for managing your coins and tokens. With support for 90+ blockchain networks, you can explore NFTs, DeFi protocols, and DAOs. But also Cross-chain trading, which enables easy access to hot NFTs and tokens. Bitkeep’s Web3 DApp browser allows you to discover 20,000+ DApps across multiple networks. BitKeep is one of the largest decentralized wallets in Asia. Which provides secure and convenient transactions to users in 168 countries across America, Europe, and Asia. And of course most important of all they also offer support for BRC-20 tokens.

8. Earth wallet

Earth Wallet is a crypto technology company that aims to create a new regenerative economy through the decentralized web. With Earth Wallet, users can store and manage their Bitcoin BRC-20, and Ethereum digital assets on their Android devices. The app features a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily send and receive tokens and collectibles while monitoring the market in real time. Earth Wallet prioritizes user privacy and security, making their funds as safe and protected as they can.

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