The 10 best crypto wallets for beginners in 2023

In this blog, we take a look at the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners. It’s important to note that this blog only represents our opinion. So we do not directly advise any of the wallets as we are not financial advisers in any way. Your keys, equals your responsibility, and your money!

All of the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners that we have mentioned in this review are self-custodial. Meaning that you are the only one with access to the fund in the wallet. No, central entity controls any of the funds on them.

Now to start, we have selected an arrangement of 3 Web wallets, 3 Mobile wallets, 3 Computer wallets, and 1 hardware wallet for this blog. So all together the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners. We believe these wallets can greatly help beginners in the crypto space. Because of their easy-to-understand design or in-wallet tutorials etc. None of the wallets in this blog sponsor us. So this blog only consists of honest opinions. For the best crypto wallets in the world. No matter where you are from Europe, America, Asia, or Africa.

Let’s dive right into it and see which wallets are the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners!

3 Best mobile wallets

To summarize, a mobile wallet functions as a digital storage place for your cryptocurrency. A mobile wallet lets you store your crypto on your mobile phone or tablet. So they can easily go with you from place to place.

1. Bitcoin beach Wallet

The Bitcoin Beach wallet is a still new Bitcoin lightning wallet. We have chosen this wallet because of its in-app tutorials. Because the Bitcoin Beach wallet does not just function as a simple wallet. No, it is much more. The wallet has a built-in learning center. Here it teaches you a lot about Bitcoin as well as about the lightning network. The best thing about this is that the app pays you to follow their classes. Every time you complete a class they directly pay you out some Satoshis. But don’t worry, the lessons don’t take long. You can probably finish one of them within 1 minute.

If you just started using Bitcoin, AKA a beginner. Then this wallet can teach you a lot. While at the same time it gives you some funds that you can use to learn. So when you download the wallet and complete some of the lessons. You can use the Satoshis to play around and maybe send some transactions back and forward to your friends. This way you will see how to use Bitcoin on the lightning network. And you will learn it all for free.

2. Trust Wallet

The Trust wallet may be a bit more complicated if you are completely new to crypto. But this is not because it is a difficult wallet. No, the Trust wallet just has more features and can connect you to Dapps (Decentralized Apps). So if you want to start using these Dapps, Trust wallet can help. The wallet has a very beginner-friendly design with a built-in Swap, Dapp browser, and NFT display function. As a nooby, you can simply click on the things that you want to use.

The Mobile Wallet is quite self-explanatory, so you won’t have any problems accessing Dapps. Or seeing your NFT’s inside your wallet. On top of that, the wallet supports most EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Chains and sidechains. Meaning that you can switch between them as much as you want. But if you don’t know what any of that is don’t worry. You can also just use one blockchain, like Ethereum. And stay on that till you feel more comfortable with how it works.

3. ZEBEDEE Wallet

Yes, the ZEBEDEE wallet is another Lightning network wallet. But we would like to put it here because we use the lightning network almost daily. ZEBEDEE wallet is a super easy-to-understand wallet. The wallet has a special focus on gamers. So if you are a gamer new or old to Bitcoin. This is the wallet for you.

What makes this wallet so unique is that you can simply create a wallet with your email address. This way you don’t have to remember any difficult backup codes, etc. On top of that, the ZEBEDEE wallet lets you create a gamer tag. This gamer tag basically functions as an email address that you can send Satoshis to over the lightning network. With this wallet and the Bitcoin lightning games that are around these days, you can earn yourself some Sats by simply playing games. No need to invest or any of that if you don’t want to. Just simply earn your own Bitcoin.

3 Best Web wallets

So to sum it up, a web wallet functions as a digital storage place for your cryptocurrency. A web wallet lets you store your crypto in your web browser. So you can easily use it on the web. Now let’s see which 3 web wallets we have in the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners.

1. MetaMask Wallet

You have probably already heard this name before. The Metamask wallet is currently one of the most popular wallets around the world. With millions of users. The wallet gets its popularity from the Web3 feature it has. That means that with this wallet you can easily connect to blockchain Applications (Dapps). At first sight, the wallet may look a bit difficult to you. But it really is not. When you use the wallet for the first time you can see the buy, send, receive, and swap function right away. Now, you probably already understand this.

To receive funds you have to share your address (which you find at the top of the page). And to send you to click send, and then fill in someone else’s Ethereum address. Besides the custom settings within the wallet, it really does not have many fancy features. But it opens automatically when you enter a Dapp website, letting you connect to the Dapp with ease.

2. Brave Browser Wallet

Now the Brave Wallet is not really a wallet. But rather a Web browser. Because of this reason, it can be so good for new users. The Brave web browser works as a privacy-focused web browser with an integrated crypto wallet. This wallet essentially looks the same as the Metamask Chrome extension. So with this wallet/browser, you have all the same features as with Metamask. Plus way more privacy than with google chrome or Microsoft edge.

On top of that Brave Browser lets you choose whether or not you receive ads. Most people probably choose to not see any ads when they are offered the choice. But with Brave, you get to choose and if you do choose to see ads, they pay you for it with their BAT cryptocurrency token. This way you can even earn a bit of money while searching the internet for your favorite content.

3. Coin98 Wallet

We have chosen this wallet because of its simple layout and the fact that you can use it both on mobile as the web. The coin98 wallet is quite self-explanatory. You can see the send and receive features when you click on the chains. Besides that, it displays the prices with a graph next to the coins. If you just started with crypto this might interest you. As we see that newcomers have more interest in the actual price.

Just like with other Web3 wallets. The Coin98 wallet lets you connect to Dapps. It does this in the same way as Metamask and Brave do. So you can just go to any Dapp website and the wallet will ask you to log in and click connect. So that you can start using Defi. Or trading/using NFT’s.

3 Best Computer wallets

Like it says, a computer wallet functions as a digital storage place for your cryptocurrency. A Computer wallet lets you store your crypto on your computer. So you can have a good overview on your computer. Now let’s see which 3 Computer wallets we have in the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners.

1. Exodus Wallet

We have recently reviewed the Exodus wallet and we were very excited about it. Like we mentioned in our review we think Exodus can use some upgrades for more experienced users. But for new crypto users (on PC) this wallet is definitely the best. Exodus is built and supported by a large team that since the beginning has been focused on a smooth design. And they delivered. The wallet supports many different cryptocurrencies. Offering storage space for almost all new crypto users.

The wallet shows you exactly how much you have and displays it all in a nice and fashionable style. If you are just getting started with crypto and don’t want to keep your Bitcoin on the exchange? This wallet is definitely worth trying. We definitely did. For most of us at Yada, the Exodus wallet was the first wallet we used. Because of its design and amazing customer support.

If you want to know our opinion about the Exodus wallet in more detail? You can check our Exodus wallet review here!

2. Atomic Wallet

As the name says. Atomic wallet is an Atomic wallet, with a built-in Atomic swap feature. Meaning you can trade between blockchains. The multi-asset crypto wallets support most of the main blockchains and over 800 tokens. The wallet has built-in exchange services. Meaning that you can buy crypto with a credit card and more. So if you are a new user that wants to stay up to date with the price and is interested in trading. The Atomic Wallet has all the tools you need. With this wallet, you can keep on trading in a decentralized way. So you don’t have to give up control of your cryptocurrency.

On top of that, they also have strong customer support that is available around the clock. And can help you with all your questions and difficulties.

3. Guarda Wallet

If just a Desktop wallet is not enough for you. Do not worry the Guarda Wallet is available for all platforms. So you have Guarda Mobil, Guarda web, and of course Guarda for the computer. Just like the exodus wallet, the Guarda wallet has a fantastic design. The team behind Guarda has optimized the wallet for trading and staking your favorite cryptos.

The wallet lets you quickly swap from one currency or token to another. But it also teaches you a lot about crypto. Because the wallet offers not only customer support but also many articles about coins and tokens. So that you know what you are buying/trading.

The best hardware wallet

A Hardware wallet functions as a digital storage place for your cryptocurrency. A Hardware wallet lets you store your crypto on a separate device. So you can store it offline in a safe location. Now let’s see which hardware wallet we added to the list.

Ledger Nano S

We have chosen the Ledger Nano S mainly because of its price and because there are many reviews and tutorials on how to use it. The wallet offers support for all the major blockchains and even some crypto sidechains. Ledger comes at a fair price so you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get one. Which we think is important as you don’t want to spend all your money on a wallet at the beginning.

We do want to say that we think it is wise to start with a software wallet. Just because it is a bit easier to understand. And many of these wallets can also connect to a Ledger hardware wallet. You can filter for these kinds of wallets by using the  “hardware wallet support” filter that is located under extra’s.

Finding the best Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano wallet can be difficult. So trying out multiple wallets can help you decide which one is really the best for you. However these 10 best crypto wallets for beginners. Can help all new and old crypto users. Because all of these wallets work great! For now, we keep it at this. But in the future, we might make another 10 best crypto wallets for beginner’s blog. So you can always find the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners.

Thanks for reading!

We hope this blog helped you in your search for the best crypto wallet and truly showed you the 10 best crypto wallets for beginners. But just in case you still have some questions regarding wallets, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. You can ask us in one of our help groups on Facebook or Telegram. Because we are happy to help as much as we can! If you have any other questions you would like us to answer in a blog? Feel free to let us know!

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