Can I send Bitcoin to Metamask?

To answer this question simply, no you can not. If you would send your Bitcoin to any Metamask address this would either end up in a failed transaction or a complete loss of your BTC.

You of course do not want this to happen. But you still might want to use your BTC on your Metamask wallet, on either Ethereum, Solana BSC, or any other EVM blockchain. Although sending BTC to Metamask directly is not possible. There are ways for you to use your Bitcoin in Metamask wallets and on other blockchains.

In this article, we take a look at how you can hold Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, XRP, Dogecoin, and many other chains on an EVM crypto wallet like Metamask. Which all comes down to the same process.

How to use Bitcoin on Metamask

As mentioned before, you should not send your BTC to Metamask directly. But that does not mean you can not get it on there at all. You see, BTC runs on its own blockchain called the Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions on Bitcoin can only be sent to a Bitcoin address. This goes the same for other blockchains like Ethereum. As Ethereum transactions can only be sent to Ethereum addresses. Sending transactions between these networks would be like trying to pay with Brasilian Reals in China. It will not be accepted but you could convert from one to another if you would like.

This works similarly with blockchains. You could convert from one to another. But if you do not want to trade your BTC for ETH you could also bridge or wrap your BTC. This would mean you have to lock your BTC in one place and then bring it onto the Ethereum blockchain as a new token that represents the BTC locked on the Bitcoin chain. This can be done in a custodial way and a non-custodial way. With Wrapped BTC ($WBTC) as a custodial example and $RENBTC as a non-custodial version.

Both can be used on the Ethereum blockchain and represent a 1-to-1 peg with 1 BTC. Once you have (a part of ) this token you can use it on your Metamask wallet and transact with it as an ERC-20 token. Which if desired can also be bridged to other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains like BSC, Avalanche, Celo, and many others.

What blockchains can I use on Metamask?

If you use the famous Metamask wallet you can integrate it with any EVM blockchain out there. You can simply click add custom blockchain and add the details of BSC, Avalanche, Cronos, Arbitrum, Optimism, Klaytn, and many others. Click on the names to see how to add that specific blockchain to Metamask.

Many Proof of Work blockchains like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Zcash can not be added to the wallet as they do not run an EVM on their blockchain. If you ever see anyone holding these blockchain assets on an EVM wallet, that means they have it as a wrapped token.

As wrapped tokens, these coins can exist on EVM blockchains and also interact with the whole DeFi ecosystem on them. Giving them new use cases outside of their own crypto network.

We here at Yada have written a whole deal about Metamask and how to add other blockchains to it. If you are curious about all the blockchains it supports, you can check them out on the Metamask wallet page on our site.

Besides that, we also did an extended review of the wallet. So you know exactly what you are up to.

Other wallets that support both Bitcoin and Ethereum

If bridging tokens or pegging tokens from Bitcoin to Ethereum is not your thing. For whatever reason you have. You can always just go for a wallet that supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum or any other blockchain that you like to use, that Metamask does not support.

You can find a crypto wallet like that by using our wallet filter page. Just simply select the blockchains you want in one wallet, and the filter will display which wallets offer support for all those blockchains at the same time. So you never have to worry again about not having all your crypto in one place.


We hope this article taught you something new and answered your question “Can I send Bitcoin to Metamask?”. If you are still stuck with some questions or have another question you want us to answer in a post feel free to reach out to us on our Twitter or other socials.

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