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D'CENT Wallet Expands Astar Network Support with zkEVM Integration

D'CENT Wallet, a leading provider of secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallets, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its Astar Network support. Building upon the existing integration with Astar Native and Astar EVM, D'CENT Wallet now offers comprehensive management for assets on Astar's innovative zkEVM scaling solution.


Key Features of the Update

Astar Native & XC20 token Assets Management:

Securely store, send, and receive ASTR tokens directly within your wallet. Enjoy a seamless experience without the need for complex third-party exchange integrations.

Astar EVM & ERC20 token Assets Management: 

Manage all ERC20 tokens running on the Astar EVM alongside your Astar Native (XC20) tokens within a single, unified interface. Eliminate the need for separate wallets for different token standards within the Astar ecosystem.

Astar zkEVM & ERC20 token Assets Management: 

Harness the power of zkEVM technology to experience faster transactions and lower fees for your Astar experience. Manage ERC20 tokens running on Astar zkEVM directly within your D'CENT Wallet, further enhancing your Astar Network experience.

Unmatched Flexibility: 

Add any custom token you encounter to keep your entire Astar Network portfolio organized within a single, secure platform. D'CENT Wallet doesn't limit you to pre-listed tokens.

Unrivaled Security: 

Rest assured that your assets are safeguarded with industry-leading security practices, including Secure Enclave Technology and Biometric Authentication. D'CENT Wallet prioritizes user security.


A Gateway to the Astar Network

D'CENT Wallet's expanded Astar Network support with zkEVM integration empowers users to take full advantage of the innovative features and functionalities offered by Astar Network. Whether you're a seasoned crypto investor or just starting your journey on the Astar Network, D'CENT Wallet provides the security, convenience, and flexibility you need to confidently manage your Astar Network assets.

Looking Ahead

D'CENT Wallet is committed to providing users with the most advanced and secure tools for managing their cryptocurrency assets. As Astar Network continues to evolve and attract innovative projects, D'CENT Wallet will be at the forefront, providing users with a seamless and secure platform to participate in the Astar ecosystem.

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