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D’CENT Wallet Partners with STASIS to Integrate EURS Stablecoin, Prioritizing XDC Network

In a move set to redefine digital asset management, D’CENT Wallet has announced a strategic partnership with STASIS, a leading European fintech firm. The collaboration aims to integrate EURS, STASIS's euro-backed stablecoin, prioritizing the XDC Network. This alliance underscores D’CENT Wallet’s commitment to empowering users with secure and regulatory-compliant tools in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

Empowering Users with EURS, the Leading Euro Stablecoin

STASIS, renowned for bridging traditional finance with Web3 innovations, offers EURS, a stablecoin backed by the euro. With over 5 years of experience and 6 billion euros transferred on-chain, EURS stands as the oldest and most regulated euro stablecoin. It boasts global accessibility, enhanced transparency through regular audits, and unparalleled security with full collateralization.

XDC Network Takes Center Stage for EURS Integration

D’CENT Wallet's prioritization of integrating EURS on the XDC Network underscores its dedication to user empowerment. By leveraging the XDC Network’s stability, security, and global accessibility, users can seamlessly manage their digital asset portfolios while enjoying enhanced stability and security.

D’CENT’s Unrivaled Security and Global Trust

D’CENT Wallet, trusted by users in over 220 countries, provides hardware-based security and a user-friendly interface for managing digital assets. With support for over 60 blockchains, including XDC, D’CENT Wallet ensures unmatched protection against cyber threats, making it the preferred choice for navigating the blockchain landscape.

This partnership signals a significant step towards mainstream adoption of stablecoins and reinforces the importance of collaboration in driving innovation within the digital asset ecosystem.

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