Free Crypto Wallet for 2023

Something all crypto users want, a free crypto wallet. The problem that we usually find is that most websites and articles point you toward crypto exchanges or just the same 5 wallets as any other blog. In this article, we take a look at some of the best free crypto wallets. That put you in control of your cryptocurrency. We will look at 3 free crypto wallets for desktop, 3 free crypto wallets for mobile, and 3 free web crypto wallets.  What is important to take in mind is that the wallets might be free to download but could charge a small fee on things as crypto swaps or using certain Dapps. For at least 1 free crypto wallet of the 3, we take 1 that supports Bitcoin and 1 that uses supports Ethereum. For the third, we choose one that we think stands out or has support for multiple different blockchains.

3 Free Mobile Crypto Wallets

The Best 3 free mobile crypto wallets, for beginners as experts alike.

zebedee wallet banner

1. Zebedee Wallet

The Zebedee wallet is known as the number 1 Bitcoin lightning network gaming wallet. If you have not used the Lightning network yet. You should definitely test it out! A perfect way to do so is with the Zebedee wallet. Because the wallet focuses on gamers that want to earn Sats. You do not necessarily need to buy Bitcoin. No, with the Zebedee wallet you can just start earning Sats by playing Bitcoin games.  When you play Bitcoin games you will need a lightning wallet to withdrawal your Bitcoin too. But what makes Zebedee so great is that it is completely optimized for ease of use for newbies. While also giving you access to the power of the lightning network.  Zebedee makes this easy for users by letting them log in to their wallets with a social account from Facebook or Google. As you might already think, yes that means they are a custodial Bitcoin wallet. So the private key originally belongs to them. But you will not need to verify any ID up to a balance of 250,000 Sats. And a receiving capacity of 2,000,000 Sats per month.

Zebedee Gamer Tag

But the thing that we really wanted to highlight is their gamer tag. Because with this tag Bitcoin gamers can receive Satoshi’s much easier than without one. What we see a lot with Bitcoin lightning games these days is that they allow you to fill in your gamer tag so the Satoshi’s will automatically be sent to your wallet. This saves a lot of time as withdrawing manually requires you to open the wallet and request the Sats, etc. This all goes a lot fast with a gamer tag, making it almost a necessary thing in the Bitcoin gaming space these days.

How does a Bitcoin Gamer Tag work?

Well, quite simple. You choose a name inside the wallet. That will combine with the wallet address, and tada. You now have a gamer tag. Just look in the wallet and you will be able to get one yourself in a matter of seconds. Now, these gamer tags basically work like an email address. So whenever you want to send Sats to a bitcoin gamer tag. You just need to fill in the amount of  Sats you want to send and the gamer tag. This way you will not have to scan any QR codes or have to deal with expired lightning network requests etc.

coinbase wallet banner

2. CoinBase Wallet

The CoinBase wallet works as a gateway to the Defi world. We choose this one as the Ethereum wallet. But it also supports many other blockchains. You can use the Coinbase wallet not only on mobile but also on the web.  Using it you can open up to the world of Defi and NFT’s. So you can trade permission less with anyone, anywhere in the world. Or play blockchain games using your NFT’s on Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, HECO, and many other blockchains.

Is Coinbase wallet the same as Coinbase exchange?

A question we see come by on quora all the time. No, they are not the same. The Coinbase wallet works as a non-custodial crypto wallet that gives you full control over your crypto. And the Coinbase exchange functions as a full custodial crypto trading platform. Here Coinbase has control of the private keys and allows you to trade between other currencies 24/7.

imtoken wallet banner

3. imToken Wallet

As a third, we have chosen imToken. We have already written a review about them before and were very pleased with their product. imToken supports a large variety of different blockchains and lets you connect to the web3 for Defi, NFT’s, etc. imToken not only supports many different blockchains but also token protocols. Which we do not see all the time. Most wallets with many blockchains do not always also support the tokens for these chains. That’s where imToken makes itself stand out by also offering support for these tokens on-chain. Making them much more useful than those that do not give this functionality.  Check out our imToken review today!

3 Free Desktop Crypto Wallets

The Best 3 free Desktop crypto wallets, for beginners as experts alike.

exodus wallet banner

1. Exodus

If you just started using crypto recently and do not want to keep your crypto on an exchange. Exodus might be the place for you. As one of the number 1 crypto wallets for beginners. They offer support for many different cryptos, with a super user-friendly interface. We wrote a lot about this in our Exodus crypto wallet review.  Now Exodus has recently added the Bitcoin Lightning network, with support of the Satoshi wallet on the technical end. But this was one of the things we really wanted to see within Exodus. Now you can have a super friendly non-custodial multi-crypto wallet that also lets you use the Bitcoin lighting network. If you have not tried exodus for either mobile or desktop. It is definitely worth trying out!

tokenpocket wallet banner

2. TokenPocket

As one of the multi-crypto wallets that have been around for some time. TokenPocket has a quite strong and trusted brand in the crypto wallet industry. They support thousands of different Dapps and let you make use of the full world of web3. TokenPocket lets you use your crypto in the way you want. And lets you invest in various ways. With things like Staking, Defi, and DGames. If you want TokenPocket but do not use a crypto wallet on your desktop. Do not worry, Tokenpocket is available for both desktop as well as for mobile.

infinity wallet banner

3. Infinity

The Infinity wallet can be the only digital wallet you need. Functioning as a gateway to decentralized finance in a user-friendly, multi-currency way. With convenient. The wallet is very informational on top of the normal functionalities. And allows users to trade between other cryptocurrencies as much as they would like. Infinity works for both desktop and mobile.

Although they are still new (founded in 2020). They have already thousands of users in 170+ countries around the world. With their team also looking at other projects within the crypto space like their own token and Dex.

3 Free Web Crypto Wallets

The Best 3 free web crypto wallets, for beginners as experts alike.

marina wallet banner

1. Marina

We choose Marina for this list as the place to store your Bitcoin for free on a web extension. But do not that Marina does not support Bitcoin or the lightning network directly. But instead utilized the Bitcoin liquid network. A Bitcoin sidechain created by Blockstream and meant to facilitate fast transactions and liquid assets. With Marina, you can spend and receive Bitcoin super fast. While also making use of Liquid assets like USDT and many others.  Marina was created by Vulpem Ventures. Vulpem has been building bitcoin and blockchain ecosystems since 2017. Creating development of dedicated blockchain solutions for the security and custody of Bitcoin. Their Marina Web wallet extension can help support the adoption of the Bitcoin liquid network as it works smoothly with a user-friendly design. And most important it does not cost you anything to use!

dfox wallet banner

2. DFox

Dfox is a  Crypto, DeFi & GameFi Wallet for the web as well as mobile. With Dfox you can fully use the whole Defi and blockchain gaming space on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, BSC, WAX, and all other EVM blockchains.  Dfox is one of the lesser mentioned wallets but does have a lot of great features under a good design. Dfox also has a mobile app giving users a bit more flexibility of where they want to store their crypto. With Dfox you hold custody of your crypto and NFT’s. So making a backup is important as always.  Dfox put its focus on providinging a secure web extension for users to fully discover the power of blockchain. Making the barrier smaller for all users to join the blockchain world.

metamask wallet banner

3. MetaMask

If you haven’t heard of Metamask by now you must be completely new to the crypto space. Metamask is one of the most popular EVM wallets out there for browsers. With Metamask you can connect to any blockchain running an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). So in simple, you can connect to almost all blockchains with a Defi, and NFT ecosystem.  This has made Metamask one of the go-to wallets for Defi, NFT’s, and blockchain gaming. Not only has Metamask been a good free tool to send and receive crypto. But it also onboarded millions of users already to on-chain economies. Check out our Metamask Review, where we go into more detail about the wallet and why we think it’s a great pick!

Online Crypto wallets

All the wallets that we have mentioned above do work as a so-called online crypto wallet. Because they can not store your funds offline. Meaning that you can check up on your funds on a device (computer, mobile) that is connected to the internet. Now, this is different from an online exchange wallet as you do not have to log in with a user name or a password. But rather with a send Pincode or other security measure that you can set yourself. Or of course the backup code/private key (which you should always keep safe).

Download Free Crypto Wallet

To get one of the wallets that we have mentioned in this article you can just click the link to their page on our website which will give you more info about them and guide you to their site. And there you can find a link to download it. Be aware, that the wallets nor we take responsibility for your crypto funds and that transacting in crypto and using a non-custodial wallet makes you responsible for your financial actions!


Which crypto wallet should I start with?

Good question! We have just written the perfect article about it. Check it out here. So you can see which beginner-friendly wallet can help you!

What happens if the wallet company is shut down?

As they do not hold your funds you should not be impacted by this too much. The wallet will most likely just not receive any updates anymore. So you should probably get a new wallet and send the funds there. But in the meantime, your wallet will keep on working as it does not depend on any central company server. In case you have a Non-custodial wallet.

What is a Bitcoin address?

Just like with an email address Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general also have an address. To send or receive crypt you only need this address and you can send crypto to them in a similar fashion as you would send an email.

What are some important types of Crypto wallets?

Well, we can classify them into many different types. But we like to put it in Non-custodial. Meaning you hold the keys and responsibility and Custodial. Meaning someone else or a company holds the keys and responsibility.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet works as a place to store your private key. A private key is basically the password to your crypto funds. So a Crypto/Bitcoin wallet holds that key for you and thus represents the funds stored on that account. You could think of it as the place that holds your crypto/Bitcoin for you.

Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

You can Buy cryptocurrency in many places. You can check out ZenGo! A cryptocurrency exchange that has partnered with us.

Which are the best and safest Bitcoin wallets?

Well, that all depends on you. Most of the Bitcoin wallets are non-custodial. Meaning only you have full control of the crypto that’s on it. So safekeeping depends completely on you. However, some wallets out there do try to scam people. Check out how to prevent yourself from downloading a scam crypto wallet here!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital computing and/or payment networks that can create values from the economies built on top of them.

What are NFT’s?

NFT’s, or Non-fungeble tokens are unique digital collectibles that can be used for all sorts of things online. Like represent an item in the Metaverse or even represent an item in the physical world.

Do you need a crypto wallet?

YES, we wrote about this before. Because we believe it’s super important for every human being! Check out the article here!

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology works like a computer system that lets users transact fast and permissionless. Making all sorts of applications possible like Defi, and real digital collectibles.

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