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Hero of Bitcoin

Description of the game

Hero of Bitcoin is a game inspired by Bitcoin culture and is set in the beautiful Bitcoin-sovereign nation of El Salvador. You will be taken to iconic places such as Bitcoin Beach, the volcano and more, all the way to the bank's doorstep. Where this game differs to most games is that it is being developed for the Gameboy and will be made available as a physical Gameboy cart. Using the cart it will work on the following consoles:

·        Original Gameboy

·        Gameboy Pocket

·        Gameboy Color

·        Gameboy Advanced

·        Gameboy Advanced SP

·        And the Super Nintendo with the Super Gameboy add-on

The game will be in 4 shades of gray on the OG Gameboy and Pocket, but for others with a color screen it will display in color.

The game follows the journey of a young man called Hero, a new bitcoiner, who journeys to El Salvador wanting to help the Bitcoin fight on the frontlines. You will need to help President Bukele and other bitcoiners to ensure Poo Coiners, Bears, bankers and more do not stand in the way of Bitcoin adoption.


Key features

·        The game is a platformer similar to classic Mario games although a bit different. It is more story based so there are towns such as El Zonte (Bitcoin Beach) where you can talk to other people.

·        Story elements will have hand drawn pixel art pictures. There will be 21 bitcoin hidden throughout the game, what happens when you collect them all? You will have to find out!

·        You will meet famous bitcoiners on your journey. (eg Greg Foss, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert)

·        Your weapon and armor will become stronger as the story progresses.

·        There will be different enemies and bosses that are based off the real enemies of bitcoiners. (eg. Perma Bear)

·        In the final version, real bitcoin will be able to be unlocked.

·        There are more features planned and will be announced over the games development. Please look forward to it!


How to support the game

To support the game please visit the Geyser Fund page, which is similar to Kickstarter, but better because it’s using Bitcoin. You can donate there, also there will be rewards to purchase the demo cart, which comes with a display stand. I also have a website which sells merchandise, and there is a Hero of Bitcoin shirt there also.




About the creator also called Hero of Bitcoin

Hero of Bitcoin is a gamer and bitcoin maximalist who believes that we need to bring back the golden age of gaming for the golden age of money, which is Bitcoin. Before creating this game, he was a Bitcoin only artist. His skills and knowledge of Bitcoin serve him well in his journey to create this unique, entertaining, nostalgic and at times educational game.




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