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How to add Energi to MetaMask

In this blog tutorial, we show you how to add Energi to the MetaMask wallet. But first, we talk a bit about what Energi is, what it does, etc. If you do not want to read about that and directly want to see how to add Energi to MetaMask. You can go down this page and start reading “Getting Energi on MetaMask” to learn how to add Energi to MetaMask.

What is Energi

The Energi project started in 2017 but launched its first mainnet in Q2 of 2018. The blockchain has changed a lot since and has developed into a strong standing crypto project. At the start, the Energi blockchain launched on a Proof Of Work consensus but changed this quickly to a more energy-efficient Proof of Stake consensus model. The Energi team created such a model where there was no ICO. But instead distributed the tokens through mining and airdrops that distributed millions in NRG tokens. Every month the Energi chain emits 1,000,000 NRG. From this number 10% goes to the stakeholders 40% to the treasury fund and the other 50% goes to the backbone (10%) + NRG Masternodes (40%). Because a large chunk of these rewards goes to the Treasury fund. Energi finds itself in a unique position. With the current price of Energi around 2 dollars, this results in funding of about 800,000$ dollar each month. The treasury then uses this money to pay for more development of the blockchain, marketing, exchange listings, etc.

EnergiSwap DEX

The chain has had a long journey. In the beginning, Energi did not have the capability to be compatible with EVM. But they changed this in the first quarter of 2020. Because of this, the rapid development of Defi followed, with as a result “the EnergiSwap DEX”. The DEX supports many trading pairs and can be compared to UniSwap. As it works with a similar interface. Because Energi is now an EVM-compatible blockchain. It is possible to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Energi using the Energi Bridge. Because of this, there are many bridged assets listed on the Energiswap Dex that you can trade. Other tokens and chains like 1inch, Aave, ADA, and many more. To trade on the DEX you simply need to connect to it with your web3 wallet. In case you are on a computer and you already have the Metamask extension installed. The website will then automatically ask you if you want to log in and connect to the DEX to start trading. As easy as that!

Energi governance

The governance on the Energi blockchain is done by the Masternodes. They decide what happens with the chain. The Masternodes, often revered as Network partners, can vote on proposals. The Energi community submits these proposals and the master nodes guide the direction of the projects. This way the whole community can work together. Because the master nodes control the network. It is of key importance that there are many. Because the more master nodes, the more decentralized the network. Besides the fact that master nodes hold control of the network. They can also make a good earning doing so. Because the master nodes receive 40% of the emitted NRG tokens. This results in an API of more than 2 digits every year. We can not say precisely how much because of the supply and price changes.

Energi network stats

Currently, the Energi network has not processed that many transactions compared to other big smart chains. But that does not mean the network does not grow. As of now, the network has grown quite a lot, and if it keeps on doing so. It can eventually reach this level where it processes millions of transactions a day as well. With the Energiswap DEX alone already processing just under a million in trading volume every day. Plus liquidity on the protocol exceeds 13 million as of today. One could say there occurs a clear uptrend on the protocol, making us curious as to where it will go in the future.

Dapps & explorers on Energi

As for now, Energi does not have many Dapps. Because the ecosystem is still young when it comes to being EVM compatible. But in the time that it has run. It created a good functioning DEX and we expect more to come. So like we said before. Energi has a very large treasury that directs its funds towards things like development. If they direct these funds in the right way we could see more Dapps coming to the platform very soon. But as for now, we can work with the smooth EnergiSwap Dex as well as the Energi Explorer. The Explorer is quite nice and shows you all the Energi network stats.

Energi wallets

Since Energi has become compatible with EVM, you can easily integrate it into many wallets. And with the growth of the network and ecosystem, we expect it to gain the support of more wallets in the future. For those of you that want to download an Energi wallet, you can look at our Energi wallets page. You can then use an Energi wallet to stake your NRG tokens, so you can earn a yield on your crypto. Not Financial Advice (NFA). Now down below we will show you how to add this blockchain to Metamask. But just in case you want to add Energi to another wallet. You can simply follow the same steps within that other wallet. You only need to find where you can add a custom network and then fill in the same details as we will show below. Now that you are all educated let’s add Energi to your wallet!

Getting Energi on MetaMask

So to add the Energi to MetaMask you have to open the MetaMask wallet (In case you don’t have MetaMask yet, please get it on this page). Once you have MetaMask installed, open it up on the full screen. So you will have the same screen as in our example here.

Energi Metamask 1

Now go to the top right of the screen where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” and click on the little arrow pointing down next to it. This opens the network’s tap where you can select all different types of EVM blockchains (Ethereum virtual machine) networks. Now here you can click on the Custom RPC to add a new custom EVM blockchain network of your choice. In this case, Energi.

Energi Metamask 2

Now Metamask will ask you for the data needed to connect the wallet to Energi. Please fill in the list below.

Network Name - Energi

New RPC UR -

Chain ID - 39797

Symbol - NRG

Block Explorer URL -

When you have done this, you can just click save. And now you have added Energi to your MetaMask wallet.
If you would like to switch between the EVM blockchains. Simply click on the Network button in the top right of the screen to select another blockchain.
Because adding different types of EVM blockchains works the same, you can add any EVM blockchain in the same way. But instead of the list given in this blog, you replace that with another network’s ChainID, symbol, etc.
We hope this blog post helped you to integrate a new EVM into your MetaMask crypto wallet. So that you can now use Energi as much as you want.

Find your wallet here

In case you want to see all the other wallets supporting Energi. You can simply take a look here to filter between all wallets that do!

So we hope this article taught you more about how to add Energi to MetaMask wallet. But in case you have Questions regarding Energi or Ethereum? Feel free to ask them on our online Facebook or Telegram groups. Because we are happy to help whenever we can!

So now that you know How to add Energi to MetaMask, are you ready to start using your own Blockchain wallet? Take a look at our unique wallet finder functions here! So you can find the perfect wallet for your blockchain.

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