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How to add Klaytn to MetaMask

In this blog, we show you how to add Klaytn to MetaMask wallet. First, we talk a bit about what Klaytn is and what it does, etc. If you do not want to read about that and directly want to see how to add Klaytn to MetaMask. You can go down this page and start reading “Getting Klaytn on MetaMask”.

What is Klaytn

The Klaytn blockchain was started by a large public Korean company named Kakao. The Kakao company owns many large services within the country. Services like a digital bank, Kakaotalk (the most popular messaging app in the country), and Kakao taxi. So after a huge bull run in 2017, the company decided to also jump into the crypto space. The company did go through many difficulties to eventually launch the coin. But also decided to make it an open-source project. So that the crypto community can stay involved. With the coin launched, it has been integrated into the services of Kakao like Kakaotalk. The messaging app has a built-in crypto wallet where users can store their Klaytn tokens and NFT’s.On top of its corporate background, the blockchain has some impressive speed. With a TPS of 4000 Transactions per second which get confirmed within a second. Because the block time on-chain is only 1 second. Klaytn claims that these transactions come at only 1/10 of the fee price on Ethereum. On top of that, the chain makes it possible to delegate these transaction fees. So this way apps/companies on the chain can pay this fee for their users. Making it a better experience for them.

The Klaytn governance counsel

This Klaytn governance counsel basically controls the whole blockchain. Making them in control of the future of the blockchain. Whereas with other blockchains the miners or nodes hold this control. But with the klaytn blockchain, this control lays with the Klaytn governance counsel. This counsel consists of a large group of powerful crypto and non-crypto companies. These companies include Kakao, Binance, Huobi, LG International, KakaoPay, FSN, and many more. On top of the Klaytn governance, counsel sits the Klaytn governance council chairman. This chairman position is switched regularly between the council members. Because the chairman sits at the very top of governance. The chairman holds an unlimited amount of emergency power. Meaning that this entity can freeze transactions and block account in case of theft or another emergency.

Dapps on Klaytn

On top of the Klaytn blockchain, there are already running 60+ Dapps. Like the KlaySwap Dex, Klayfi, CowCow, and many more. The Klaytn ecosystem already has many different types of Dapps from Defi, Swap, Bridge, games, and more. These Dapps on the Klaytn crypto can be accessed through the Kaikas web wallet. Which is made by GroundX. With the Kaikas wallet, you can also access the Klaystation Dapp to stake your Klay tokens. This way you can earn some interest on your Klay token.

Smart Contracts on Klaytn

Because Klaytn is basically a close copy of the Ethereum blockchain. Users can deploy a smart contract on it in the same way. But with a couple of small changes. This leaves klaytn with the opportunity to onboard some of the smart contracts that currently run on Ethereum. Because of this Klaytn could see its network grow fast if the platform runs faster and cheaper. The same could of course also go the other way around. Because Klaytn and Ethereum both run an EVM. So a Dapp could start its operations on Klaytn. But if desired it can move over to Ethereum at a later stage. Not only could the Dapp move to Ethereum but also to any other EVM chain. This decision will most likely depend on the traffic on one particular chain.

Klaytn token

The Klaytn token works as the main token for paying for fees on the chain. Besides that validators of the network also need to stake a large amount of Klay tokens to hold their status. These features give the Klay token its current price. The Klay token price will most likely change according to the demand of the chain’s services. So a price prediction should include these metrics. The token is currently being traded on many exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Bithumb, KlaySwap, and more. Here you can see the Klaytn price/ Klay token price and buy Klay. If you buy Klaytn, you can then send it to one of the wallets that we have listed down below. Because if you don’t have the key, you don’t really have the crypto.

Wallets that support Klaytn

Klaytn has it easy when it comes to wallets support. Because of the fact that the chain has its own wallet created by the company behind it. And also because of its EVM capabilities. This means that the Klaytn blockchain can be added to any wallet like MetaMask, Xdefi, and many more. Because these wallets offer the option to add an EVM manually. To add an EVM to any wallet, you will have to do the same thing as we will explain below. These wallets usually work in the same way. So you will just have to find where you can add a custom chain in the wallet and use the same data that we use below. Like always, you can of course find all these wallets on our wallet finder page. Just simply use the Klaytn filter, and you will find all the wallets that can support it. On top of that if you plan on sending tokens from Ethereum to Klaytn or the other way around. Watch out to not just send them directly like you would send a transaction on Ethereum. You will need to make use of a bridge, else it can result in a loss of funds. A token bridge lets you move any type of token like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, etc. So you can use them on another EVM Chain. Now let’s take a look at how to add Klaytn to Metamask!

Getting Klaytn on MetaMask

So to add the Klaytn to MetaMask you have to open the MetaMask wallet (In case you don’t have MetaMask yet, please get it on this page). Once you have MetaMask installed, open it up on the full screen. So you will have the same screen as in our example here.

Klaytn Metamask 1

Now go to the top right of the screen where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” and click on the little arrow pointing down next to it. This opens the network’s tap where you can select all different types of EVM blockchains (Ethereum virtual machine) networks. Now here you can click on the Custom RPC to add a new custom EVM blockchain network of your choice. In this case, the Klaytn.

Klaytn Metamask 2

Now Metamask will ask you for the data needed to connect the wallet to the Klaytn. Please fill in the list below.

Network Name - Klaytn

Klatyn RPC URL -

Klaytn Chain ID - 8217

Symbol - Klay

Block Explorer URL -

Klaytn Metamask 3

When you have done this, you can just click save. And now you have added the Klaytn to your MetaMask wallet. If you would like to switch between the EVM blockchains. Simply click on the Network button in the top right of the screen to select another blockchain. Because adding different types of EVM blockchains works the same, you can add any EVM blockchain in the same way. But instead of the list given in this blog, you replace that with another network’s ChainID, symbol, etc. We hope this blog post helped you to integrate a new EVM into your MetaMask crypto wallet. So that you can now use Klaytn as much as you want.

Find your wallet here

In case you want to see all the other wallets supporting Klaytn. You can simply take a look here to filter between all wallets that do!

So we hope this article taught you more about how to add Klaytn to MetaMask wallet. But in case you have Questions regarding Crypto or Klaytn? Feel free to ask them on our online Facebook or Telegram groups. Because we are happy to help whenever we can!

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