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MetaOasis and DCENTWALLET Launch $18,000 Airdrop Campaign

In an unprecedented move, #MetaOasis and DCENTWALLET have announced a monumental airdrop campaign valued at $18,000. The campaign aims to distribute AIM tokens alongside cutting-edge Biometric Wallets and exclusive MetaOasis Special Card Wallets.

A Generous Offering:

  • AIM Tokens: The airdrop includes a substantial allocation of AIM tokens, promising participants a stake in the burgeoning digital economy.
  • Biometric Wallet x 5: Lucky participants stand a chance to win one of five state-of-the-art Biometric Wallets, enhancing security and convenience in managing digital assets.
  • MetaOasis Special Card Wallet x 10: Additionally, ten fortunate individuals will secure the exclusive MetaOasis Special Card Wallet, adding a touch of prestige to their crypto storage solutions.

Get Involved:

To participate in this groundbreaking campaign, individuals are encouraged to join the Gleam competition via the provided link:

🔗 MetaOasis x DCENTWALLET Gleam Competition

This collaboration between #MetaOasis and DCENTWALLET signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital asset management, promising unparalleled opportunities for enthusiasts and investors alike.

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