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What is Cat Girl Coin?

Cat Girl coin (CGC) is the hot token for Cat Girl and anime lovers. The token $CATGIRL works as the centerpiece around the Cat Girl NFT and play to earn ecosystem. Holding $CATGIRL will give you as a fan access to unique CGC NFTs, and staking options to earn their other ecosystem token $PAW. With these traits, the team behind $CATGIRL is trying to bridge the gap between anime and the blockchain world. By making everyone’s favorite creatures live on the BNB Smart Chain.

Cat Girl NFTs

The most exciting piece in their ecosystem is the NFTs that they launch on a seasonal base. Each season, you will be able to buy cool NFTs. These NFTs will never be the same and have unique features that fit that current season.

Cat Girl NFTs come in 5 different rarities:

  • Paw-some – 0.01%
  • Legendary – 1%
  • Epic – 3%
  • Rare – 10%
  • Common – 85.99%

Each NFT has its own Nya score. The rarer the NFT the higher the Nya score. But you can also give them a higher score with many different types of wearables.

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Cat Girl Swap

If you are already in possession of some BNB or BUSD. But do not yet have any $CATGIRL, you can get some via the CatGirlSwap. Which utilizes PancakeSwap V2 in the back. Here you can buy the token without high slippage and also contribute to the WBNB/CatGirl liquidity pool.

If you hold your coins in this pool, you will also be eligible for earning $PAW. Which will make your rewards even higher when you will stake your Cat NFTs in the future.

Although $CATGIRL is super cool, we are not financial advisors, and nothing in this article should be seen as financial advice.

Cat Girl Games

As blockchain games have proven themself to succeed time and time again. CGC also aims to bring their NFTs into the blockchain gaming space. With their own CGC games. However, there are not yet any detailed layouts of what these games will look like. One thing is certain. They will feature the CGC NFTs. Make use of $PAW & $CATGIRL. Plus, the NFTs and wearables will play a huge role in it.

What the games will exactly look like, we do not know yet. But one thing is certain holders of CGC will benefit not only in the game. But also from the traffic, the game will create.

On what blockchain does Cat Girl run?

The CATGIRL token was originally created on the BNB Smart Chain. It is still mostly on BSC as it finds most of its liquidity on BSC and its trading volume on PancakeSwap. As the coin still has a relatively small market cap, it will probably not move to other chains soon. Because to make the token useful on multiple blockchains, it will need to have enough value on each individual blockchain.

However, if CATGIRL’s market cap increases in the future, it could potentially move to other blockchains. To see it added to other DEXes like UniSwap on Ethereum and SpookySwap on Fantom.

Add CatGirl to Metamask

Once you have some $CATGIRL, you want to add the token to your Metamask. To do so you need to first connect your wallet to the BSC. If you haven’t done that yet, click here to see how you can do that.

After that, you can go to your Metamask click “import tokens” and add the following data, like in the picture. $CATGIRL will now appear in your wallet and show how many tokens you hold.

Contact address: 0x79ebc9a2ce02277a4b5b3a768b1c0a4ed75bd936

Token symbol: CatGirl

Decimals: 9

add catgirl token to metamask

Cat Girl price

Behind the supply of CATGIRL stands many, many zeros. Because of this the individual price of one CATGIRL also includes many zeros behind the coma. If you ever see suggestions of the token reaching 1 cent or maybe even more. Then please just ignore these comments. Because that would just be impossible. The whole value of the token would then easily exceed that of the biggest monetary networks altogether. Which would make no sense.

This however does not mean that our Kitty coin could not increase in price. Especially as the market cap of Cat Girl Coin is still very low. Our article here should B.T.W. not be taken as financial advice in any way!

Cat Girl stats

The $CATGIRL token stats range towards an enormous supply. With an initial supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. However, this also came with an initial burn of 50,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. So only half the supply still exists. Because of this enormous amount of tokens, the price of $CATGIRL will always have a lot of zeros in from. But does make it a lot of fun as 1$ will buy you millions of tokens.

The transaction fees that are made with CGC also go back to the community. With a fee per transaction of 1% for reflection (token holders), 1% for the auto liquidity, 2% is contributed toward the NFT farming pool, and 1% goes toward their marketing/development budget.

Cat Girl team

The team behind CGC keeps itself just as the creator of Bitcoin hidden from the public eye. Although you can find their credentials in the whitepaper. For a project like this, they do not have to show their true identity, as the community should be the real leader anyway. However, if you want to know a little about them, you can look here.

If you want to learn more about the real team that keeps CGC going, you should check out their Discord and Telegram channel, where you can meet the community keeping CGC alive.

Future of Cat Girl

Well, these cute kitty cats could go anywhere really in the future. But we hope to see them launch more seasons for the NFT mystery boxes and overall more NFT drops.

CGC has a roadmap which you can find on their website here. But no specific dates have been set for these plans. We really hope to see 1 or more games that utilize the token soon. Maybe even with a little burn mechanism in there to give more value back to the token holders. I’m sure there will be enough people in the CGC community that would love to see some CGC (mini) games to play with their NFTs.

Don’t forget to check out the CatGirl Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and website for more information about the project!

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