Are Bitcoin mining apps real?

If you want to start Bitcoin mining using your mobile phone, I will have to disappoint you. Bitcoin mining apps for your phone are not only very fake, but sometimes even scams to mislead people who do not understand Bitcoin. These apps are often a way of tricking people into downloading some bad software or having people pay for a service or (fake) online mining program. This usually results in people being scammed or simply by having wasted their time on something that does not work.

Best Bitcoin mining apps

The Best Bitcoin mining apps are not for your phone. You see, to mine BTC you will need a lot of electricity and a powerful computer that can run Bitcoin’s algorithm and partake in the mining of coins. None of these things are possible on your mobile device. Even if your phone would be able to run the software to mine BTC, it would destroy your battery and make the phone completely useless for anything else. And that besides the fact that if you would use your phone’s computing power for mining, it would be so little that it would take days or even weeks to only generate $1 worth of BTC. 

It's thus best to not install any Bitcoin mining apps on your phone. Because they won't give you any real Bitcoin. You can better play some Bitcoin games to earn some Sats or do some work in exchange for some Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin mining real?

Yes, Bitcoin mining itself is real. No matter what device you use, Bitcoin mining is a real thing. But it just requires a lot of power and good hardware. If you do not have both of these, you might want to reconsider mining. Because to mine Bitcoin and make a profit is not that easy. For this reason, a whole industry has spun up around Bitcoin mining, in which large-scale and small-scale global companies have set up giant installations to mine BTC as efficiently as possible.

You might have heard of the big companies mining Bitcoin, and probably about how bad their business is for the planet. Although a lot can be said about Bitcoin mining, calling it bad for the environment is just not true. In most cases, Bitcoin mining actually boosts green energy and the move to a carbon natural world.

Why is your phone not made for Bitcoin mining

Your phone is not made for Bitcoin mining because it was simply not designed for this purpose. Your phone was made to do a lot of amazing things. But mining Bitcoin was never its end purpose. If you would like to start mining yourself, you might want to try this out on a desktop computer that has some hashing power and can actually generate some results. Or, if you really like to get more into Bitcoin, you could start by setting up a BTC node and then a mining rig at home. This would increase your understanding of the Bitcoin network and also on how to become part of it. Because Bitcoin is for everyone. But not all parts of the network and its security are that easy to do. And so mining from your mobile phone is still a world away.

Future mobile mining

Although BTC mining from your phone is not possible today, perhaps with the advancement of technology, one day your phone could be powerful enough. However, even if your phone will some day have the computing power to effectively join the security of the Bitcoin network, you have to consider that other computer systems will most likely have improved as well. This would mean that the total power from larger computers to the Bitcoin network also improve, making your phone probably again not a profitable source to mine from. Even if it can Handel to properly run the code for it.

Bitcoin mining games

Not all Bitcoin mining apps in the App Store are scams. Many of them are actually Bitcoin mining games. Although it might be a bit confusing, they are often harmless because they are just simple games. In these games, you will mine Bitcoin. Depending on the game, it is some kind of way to understand how Bitcoin mining works. But most importantly, it's just meant to have fun. Just like you would see in any other operational game where you can run and upgrade what ever type of business, machine, etc.

Other crypto-mining apps

Many other cryptocurrencies do have a “mobile mining app”. These apps are completely separate from anything related to Bitcoin. Mostly these apps do not even use a Proof Of Work algorithm and are actually just issuing coins or minting them. One way or another, crypto mining on a mobile app still has to be proven effective. Because few to none of these apps have really succeeded to bring their coin to the masses.

So crypto mining apps may not always be the best way to get into crypto either. Although some of these apps might pay out some coins which could lead to a profit. Always make sure to not install any scam apps or viruses and make sure that you do not buy into a complete scam coin that will just take your money. 

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