What do you need to set up a Bitcoin lightning node?

If you want to set up your own Bitcoin lightning node you might want to know what you need to do so first. That’s why in this short article we list the things you need to get your own lightning node up and running.

All the items that we mention in this article should be accessible online and can be bought or ordered at almost any place around the world. However, do notice that just like any of the coins and tokens that we talk about on Yada on the Block, none of it is financial or investment advice. So we do not recommend purchasing equipment for a lightning wallet for means of financial gain. But merely give you the information to make your own decisions and learn more about the ecosystem as a whole.

Things you need to set up a Lightning node

Setting up a lightning node does come at a cost. So if you do not have much cash to spare setting up your own might not be the best thing to get started with. Because you do not need a node to use the Lightning network. But in case you want to continue. This is the hardware that you will need to set up a Bitcoin lightning node:

In total your cost will run up to at least 500$. This mostly depends on the amount of BTC you will need. And this again depends on what you plan on doing with your node. Our article here talks a bit more about this. 

When it comes to your cost this of course also depends on the brand and type of hardware you order. You could go with those that we have linked in this article. But you could also go for any other brand or choose another price or quality for the hardware. 

The software you need for a lightning node

Besides the necessary hardware that you need to set up a BTC lightning node. You will also need some software to run on it and that helps you manage it. For this we would recommend one of the two software programs that help you easily manage your node. Without making it too technical or complicated. With any of these 2 you can manage your node/personal server without the need to have an engineering or programming degree. 

Umbrel -  Umbrel focuses on creating a personal server at home that can be used for all sorts of use cases. With Bitcoin as one of these use cases. Umbrel makes it super easy for anyone to set up a node. And open the doors to being an essential part of the Bitcoin ecosystem/network.

MynodeBTC - MyNodeBTC focuses on making it the easiest, and most powerful way to run a Bitcoin Lightning node. They combine many open source software with their interface, management, and support. So you can easily, privately, and securely use Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Both node software providers work great and have zero control over the assets that you hold on your BTC wallet.

Extra cost to maintain your Bitcoin Lightning network node

Now that you have your node up and running. You have paid for the equipment and also bought some Sats, and locked them into channels. So you can transact freely with anyone on the web. But what other costs come to maintaining your precious device? 

Well not much. You will only need to take care of the equipment. So make sure that you don't overheat the raspberry pi. The fan that comes with the raspberry pi should be enough to prevent this from happening. But always make sure it does not overheat. So dont place it in a sunny location or something like that. 

The only other cost that you will have to worry about is the energy cost. Which should not be too much as a raspberry pi only uses the amount of energy that a small computer would.

Follow up

That was all the things that you needed to set up a Bitcoin lightning node. If you want to learn more about BTC and the lightning network. Like do you need a node to use Lightning Network? You can check out one of our other articles or read one of our lightning wallet reviews below.

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