5 Best Moonbeam wallets for 2023

Since the world is starting to become more and more multi-chain, EVM compatibility is key. However, the blossoming Polkadot ecosystem did not have a way to connect to all the other EVM compatible blockchains.

What is Moonbeam?

Moonbeam serves as the connection between the world of Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and many other EVM chains, to Polkadot. Because Polkadot itself does not run an EVM, bridging Dapps to the network can be difficult. That is why Moonbeam serves as a bridge between the 2 ecosystems.

Moonbeam is essentially a layer 1 para chain to the Polkadot system, which also runs an EVM. This gives it the possibility to run Ethereum compatible Dapps in a Polkadot enviroment. Making it easy for all sorts of Dapps to move to Polkadot without having to rewrite the code.

Check out the Moonbeam website here.

To support the whole multichain ecosystem we take a look at the 5 best Moonbeam wallets for 2022!

Metamask wallet banner


Known as the wallets among wallets, Metamask once again finds its way to the top of our list. With the possibility to add manual EVM layers 1 & 2’s, Metamask is ideal for a multichain ecosystem. This way users can enjoy the benefit of many different blockchains. With the comfort of a wallet that they are probably already familiar with.

You can add Moonbeam to the wallet by custom RPC and is done in less than a minute. But although they land on our number one spot, do not forget to check out the others too. As they are also amazing wallets.

Curious about what we think about Metamask? Check out our Metamask review here!

math wallet banner

Math Wallet

In our second place, we find Math Wallet. This wallet comes with a unique and very good design. Which makes it easy to understand for beginning users. Math does not allow you to add custom EVMs but has Moonbeam already integrated. Next to all the other networks that the wallet automatically supports. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Solana, and many more.

The Math Wallet works ideal for those that really go multi-chain web3. Because the wallet supports all sorts of Dapps, NFT display, and much more. While at the same time offering support for the Bitcoin blockchain and many other chains that you can not connect as EVM blockchains.

Curious about what we think about MathWallet? Check out our MathWallet review here!

coinbase wallet banner

CoinBase Dapp

Coming in third is the CoinBase (Dapp) wallet. With similar capabilities as Metamask, the wallet makes it easy to use Moonbeam. Because users can add a custom EVM chain Moonbeam can be added by whoever wants to use it. This with at the same time the simple UX & UI that you get from the company that builds it.

If you plan to use this wallet. You should keep in mind that this is Coinbase’s non-custodial wallet. Meaning it is not connected to their centralized exchange. And they are not responsible for the funds on this wallet. The Coinbase (Dapp) wallet is thus just like other non-custodial wallets and makes you fully responsible for the funds that you store on it.

AirGap banner


In fourth place we find AirGap. A new wallet to our lists. AirGap was one of the first wallets to announce its support for the Moonbeam network and is available on mobile and desktop devices.

AirGap has always focussed on security for its non-custodial users. They do this with their two-app approach. This gives you extra security while Holding your crypto funds. You can even get higher security if you install AirGap Vault on a second smartphone, that you then never connect with any network again.

Test out AirGap yourself to see how you like their new security approach.

xdefi wallet banner


Last but not least, we have the XDEFI wallet. They are known as a new and growing multichain wallet with a built-in DEX/Bridge aggregator. The XDEFI wallet supports all sorts of features so you are rightly equipped for the web3 world and ready to dive into the metaverse. XDEFI brings functionality within the wallet with multi-chain NFT displays. So you can display not only your ETH NFTs but also your Solana and Moonbeam NFTs.

Next to NFTs, they let you easily Swap and Bridge between chains within the wallet. So that you are not bound to one specific blockchain. But instead can move around the multichain verse freely.

XDEFI has since the beginning focussed on quickly improving on the mistakes and letdowns of other EVM wallets. And they will probably improve fast with new features in the future. As they have done over the last few months.

Moonbeam wallet F.A.Q.

Where can I find the official Moonbeam wallet?

Like many other blockchains, Moonbeam does not have an official wallet. You can however find all the wallets that can support Moonbeam here. Or go to the Moonbeam website where they have a few listed.

How much does it cost to store Moonbeam on these wallets?

Nothing, all these storage places mentioned here are all free to use.

Where can I safely store my GLMR?

That depends on you. All of the wallets in this article are non-custodial. This means that the company behind the product does not have access to the crypto you store on it. So you will be held fully responsible for the funds on it.

Most of these wallets here we have tested and we do trust. But you should always make sure that you have a backup of the wallet in case of an emergency. Next to that, you should also have a good virus scanner or any other means that you use to protect your device against intruders.

Can I send my BTC to a Moonbeam wallet?

No, you can not. If you would send BTC from a Bitcoin address to a Moonbeam address, this would result in a loss of funds. Only wrapped versions of Bitcoin can exist on other blockchains like Moonbeam.

What is the current GLMR price?

You can find the GLMR price on coin price sites like CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko. Just search for GLMR or Moonbeam.

We hope this article helped you find a place to put your GLMR coins. But if you like to go through more different wallets for other blockchains. You can go to our filter page. Here you can find a place to store all the different cryptocurrencies that there are. If this article helped you then don’t forget to check out the others and give us a like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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