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Pros and Cons

Easily user-friendly design
Pushes you to make a backup
Optimized for the use of web3
Support a large variety of EVM blockchains
Having 2 different wallets with the same name can be confusing
Customer support is slow and does not answer all questions

In this Math wallet review blog, we take a look at the Math Mobile App and web wallet. The Math wallet is a Universal multi-crypto wallet with support for many different EVM blockchains, build in Dapp browser, NFT display, and much more. The wallet has already been downloaded many times and has tens of thousands of users. Besides a wallet Math also works on many other products that are all accessible from within their app/extension. With products like MathChain, MathSwap, MathVault, and many other solutions in the making.

All of their products offer support for a with arrange of blockchains like BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, EOS, Solana, Binance Chain, Cosmos. However, their mobile wallet exists currently as 2 different apps. One is called the Mathwallet and the other newer version is the Mathwallet5. In this review, we focus on Mathwallet5. This one supports many EVM’s but not Bitcoin, Filecoin, Tron, Terra, Flow, or Near. So that you can make use of the full blockchain and web3 world from the tips of your fingers.

Check out the Math website here.

So let’s now take a closer look at our Math wallet review!

Math wallet set up

Anyone can set up Math wallet. When you open the app a small menu opens that asks you to choose the blockchain you want a wallet for. Once you choose a blockchain. You can choose whether you want to create or import a wallet or check out a demo wallet. You choose the one that you need and will then proceed to the next page.

To add more wallets for different blockchains to the app you can just simply go to the tab in the top left. Here you find all the blockchains of which you can choose again to create a new wallet or use your old one.

When you go for creating a new wallet. The app will ask you to make a backup. Store this back up somewhere safe as it is super important. Without it, you can not access your funds in case you lose your wallet.


Once you have finished setting up the wallet, we can now take a look inside. Here we find 3 main tabs in the menu at the bottom of the screen. In the first one, the wallet tab we find 2 sub-tabs. 1 for our assets on that selected blockchain and 1 for collectibles (NFT’s). On the top left of the page, we find 3 small bars that when clicked on lets us change between wallets and add new ones. In the top right corner of the screen, you will find 3 dots that give you the option to scan a QR code, add assets, add collectibles or change the wallet’s name.

Now on the second main tab, we find the Dapps. Here you can find basically all Dapps out there. With many of them displayed here. And with them batched into categories. Just in case your favorite Dapp is not here under Defi, NFT, Exchanges, Metaverse, Game, or any other category. You can just add it manually by using the Dapp URL.

Then going to the third and last main tab. The settings page. Here we can find our wallet security, address book, general settings, and node settings. What we find great here is that under general settings you have the option to display your value not just in fiat currencies and Bitcoin. But also in other cryptos like BNB, DOT, ETH, and SOL. Which is a first to see for us.

Now you can also switch between blockchain nodes for the EVM blockchains. So can get the blockchain info from a party you trust.

Storage and Private Keys in Math wallet

On the Math mobile and web wallet only you have access to the private key or secret word phrase. That’s why you should always make a backup in case you lose your PC or mobile phone. Once you have done that, make sure you store it safely and let no one else see it.

Math wallet support nor Yada Wallets will ever ask you for your private key or secret word phrase. If someone does approach you and asks for it. That means they probably try to scam you. So it would be best to report that person.

A non-custodial wallet like Math does its best to inform you so that you can use the wallet in a user-friendly and safe way. That’s why when you create a new wallet within the app, they ask you to write down the backup. Do keep this backup and do not just write it down and then throw it away.  You never know when you will need it.

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Blockchains supported by Math wallet

Math wallet supports a variety of blockchains. But like we said in the beginning Bitcoin, Filecoin, Tron, Terra, Flow, and Near. Currently are not supported in the Mathwallet5. So we asked Math if they plan on adding them in the future. But they responded that they are not sure about that. If Bitcoin, Filecoin, Tron, Terra, Flow, or Near are blockchains you use a lot. It might be better to start with the Math wallet (1) instead of 5.

We see that in the Math wallet version 1 all these blockchains have support. Only does the newer wallet have a much better design and will probably receive more updates and upgrades in the future.

If you do still want to continue with Math5 and use Bitcoin in the wallet. You could try to do so by using Rootstock RSK BTC. Or use a wrapped version of Bitcoin on any smart chain. With Wrapped BTC or Ren BTC.

Dapp Browser

The in-app Dapp browser in Math wallet displays a variety of Dapp’s. Sorted out for you in a lot of categories. With categories like Defi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Tools, Data, Metaverse, MVB, Staking, and many more. Besides the categories, they also have a recent favorite and popular tabs at the top. Making it easy for you to switch to and from your favorite Dapps.

Of course, not all the Dapps in the world will be listed here automatically. So if you want to use a Dapp that’s not listed. You can just access them through their Dapp URL. With the Math Dapp browser, you can access the whole web3 world and take control of your own finances and collectibles.

Math token

The Math token is the one coin that stands central in their entire ecosystem. Not only does the token hold the same name as the wallet but it actually is the main token for many of the other products their building. The products include a DEX, NFT marketplace, and most importantly their layer 2 solution builds on Substrate.

The Math coin is the token that stands central in the whole ecosystem. Thus getting many use cases from many different types of protocols and systems.

The token was of course partly sold for funding. But you can still earn it as well. By just simply staking the token to the Math Vault Dapp. Here the token is released slowly to the stakers in the Dapp. And has a halving period every 2 years. Making it so that it will take at least till 2040 before the Vault is empty.

Math token contact address: 0x08d967bb0134f2d07f7cfb6e246680c53927dd30

Is Math wallet safe?

We have used Math wallet with our own funds and can conclude that the wallet is safe. All of the features worked fine. Plus we could easily add our wallet, create a new one and send our crypto from Math to another wallet. However, Math wallet is non-custodial meaning the Math company does not have access to your funds, and only you do. So if you make a mistake and send your crypto to the wrong place or if you lose your wallet as well as your backup, no one can help you.

This makes it so that the safety of your crypto funds depends almost completely on you. Like almost always in crypto. So keeping your funds safe depends on your actions. Because of that reason, you should put a good password on your phone or PC. This way not anyone that has their hands on your device can steal your cryptocurrency.

Math Wallet Fees

Do you pay Fees for using the Math wallet? No, you don’t. It is completely free. You only pay the blockchain fees when you use Dapps or send a transaction. Besides that  Math does not charge you any fees. On the Dapp browser page, Math does promote a few of its own apps like Math Vault and Math Gas. Which is fair in their own ecosystem.

The fact that they offer their wallet for free is great. But when it comes to fees you should always be careful with the high blockchain fees these days on Ethereum. Luckily Math has many other EVM blockchains that can help you out. If Ethereum is too expensive for you.

Math wallet support

We like to test out the support of a wallet when we write a review. Mostly because they can answer the questions we have left and could not find the answers to ourselves. But also because we are probably not the only ones with questions and especially newcomers to crypto will have a lot of them.

Math offers support on 3 channels. Their email support, Telegram, and Discord. Sadly their Telegram is on a “read-only” due to the increasing number of scammers, making the channel practically unusable. Their Discord does have some members in it but we never got our questions answered there as no member or admin responded to them (over a period of 2 weeks).

Now, we had better luck with their email support. They did answer some of our questions. And the fact that they have support is already a great thing. As not all crypto wallets have a customer support service. But the service could definitely use some improvement as the answers were short and mostly non-explaining. Plus that it took usually more than 24 hours to receive a response. Which we did not always get to our questions.

We do understand that support is a difficult thing but do hope that Math will try to improve theirs in the future.

If you need help make sure to ask their customer service first and do not trust anyone that contacts you from an unofficial source.

Math wallet Download

If you like Math wallet and would like to try it out, you can download Math for both Android, IOS, and as a browser extension. The links to all versions can be found by clicking here. If you end up downloading it, please let us know what you think about it on our review page. And now let’s look at some features, pros, and cons down bellow


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) Math offers the following.

  • Address book
  • Dapp browser
  • Collectible tab
  • In-app Defi trading
  • Hardware wallet support
  • Demo option


Like every other Wallet out there, the Math has flaws and missing things. The flaws that we point out are of course based on our personal opinion and we would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

Math wallet works as a great Defi portal. But like all wallets could still see some improvements to optimize their service as a whole. As of now, Math exists as 2 wallets the  “Math Wallet” & “Math Wallet 5”. For new users or people that try to figure out if Math is a legit crypto provider. This can be very confusing. Both apps have different publishing accounts on the Google play store and at first look, we thought one of them was a fake/scam wallet. This however is not the case. They just have an old and new version with different features and upgrades.

Next, we would like to see an improvement in their customer service as their answers and responding time did not fully help us answer our questions. It would be nice to see Math’s community help out a bit as well but for now, it seems like they keep a bit quiet. We hope to see some more engagement on that side in the future if their community grows and their Telegram channel opens again.


Math seems like a very good wallet to use for web3 users. They have a whole ecosystem built around their Math token with the wallet being part of that ecosystem. To make this all work together fine a bit easier to digest content to newcomers and better community support could help with this drastically tho.

However, if you are familiar with the crypto space and know from the start how to do anything web3. Math could be the one for you. As they do not give you any hassle setting up and it gives you the ability to access all your favorite Dapps in a matter of seconds.

Still, as they have 2 different apps, that support different blockchains. Not all crypto users can go for just 1 of their wallets. We hope that support for other blockchains that currently are supported in their first old version also move over to their new one. As this would give even more functionality to it.

Besides what we mentioned above, we couldn’t really find anything else that we thought needed improvement. So we are very curious how Math and its ecosystem will evolve into the future and if they come up with more features/upgrades to their product(s) to make it draw more users to crypto.

The Rating

Math performs fantastically and does all that we expected it to do. But still could make things clearer for users and thus make their product more accessible. We decided to give Math a 4,1-star rating out of 5. Which could easily get high if the points mentioned could be improved in the future.

Although Yada as a website does not give financial advice or advice on which crypto wallet to use. We do share our opinion, and we believe that Math is definitely a great wallet to use for experienced crypto users!

So we really want to wish the best to their team, and its community alike. We hope this Math Wallet review can be useful for them and their future developments.

The end

We hope you enjoyed our Math wallet review and understand how to use Math Wallet. In case you do not agree with our Math wallet review? You can test it out yourself and write your own Math wallet review on Yada Wallets today! And also don’t forget to check out what other people think about Math.

Extra note: As always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product so a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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