5 Best NFT Wallets

NFT’s are going nuts everywhere around the world. From Crypto Punk JPG’s to Bored Apes and many more. Some collectibles are already being sold for millions of dollars, and the trading volume on NFT trading platforms is huge. But to really use your collectibles outside a Centralized exchange. Or if you want to buy/sell it on a decentralized exchange. You will need an NFT compatible crypto wallet. So that’s why in this blog we are going over the top 5 best NFT wallets for you. The wallets we look at will mostly be Ethereum NFT wallets. But we will also create a list with a few Solana, Cardano, BSC, Avalanche, Theta, Polygon NFT wallets below. But just in case that you want to go through all the NFT wallets the exists. You can go to our “wallet finder page” where you can filter for ERC-721, ERC-1155, and other NFT standards. This way you can look for your favorite wallets and make your own 5 best NFT wallets list.

Top 5 NFT wallets for Ethereum

coinbase wallet banner

1. Coinbase Dapp Wallet

The Coinbase Dapp wallet would not be a very good Dapp wallet if it did not support NFT’s within the wallet. Because this crypto wallet focuses on Dapp connectivity. So it needs to have all the features to connect to any type of Dapp. Whether that is a game, DEX, or lending protocol.But do not get the Coinbase Dapp wallet here confused with the Coinbase centralized exchange. Because although they are made by the same company they are not the same thing. No, whereas with the Coinbase CEX they hold the keys to your crypto. But with the Coinbase Dapp wallet only you have access to your assets. So this also means only you hold the responsibility for either your ETH or ERC-721 tokens. So make sure you know what you’re doing before you sent all your money to a non-custodial wallet. But if you don’t know, don’t worry, you can always ask us for help or contact the Coinbase customers service. Because as one of the biggest NFT wallet and crypto exchanges, they have great customer service. Check out our Coinbase Dapp page. So you can read and write reviews!

mobox banner


MOBOX is definitely one of the best NFT wallets there is. Their mobile app is completely designed around NFT’s, with the goal of you to use your NFT’s in games on the MOBOX gamefi platform. MOBOX has a fast NFT ecosystem and not only just a wallet. So if you want to create your own NFT’s or play games, this app might be the one for you. Collecting, Playing, and earning are some of the best words to describe their wallets. So if you like those things, you should definitely check out MOBOX. But make sure you use the right blockchain. Because MOBOX does support NFT’s on Ethereum. But is mostly focussed on the Binance Smart Chain. This of course because it launched its own token on there and most of the MOBOX games run on the BSC blockchain.Check out our MOBOX page. So you can read and write reviews!

trustwallet banner

3. Trust Wallets

The holy grail of mobile crypto wallets. Trust wallet is one of the most downloaded crypto wallets in the world. With more than 10 million downloads for the Google Play store and more than half a million reviews on it. Leave your Trust wallet review here!Trust wallet lets users use crypto in a smooth and seamless fashion. Making the crypto experience welcoming for everyone. But besides their support for normal blockchains like Avalanche and BSC, they also support NFT’s. The nice thing that Trust wallet has is that on the top of the wallet tap there is a little menu where you can select Tokens, Finance, or Collectibles. Clicking the collectibles tap will of course display all your NFT’s and also let you connect to OpenSeo (the NFT marketplace). Now because Trust wallet works as a fully web3 wallet it can connect to any third-party Dapps. So you can actually start using your collectibles NFT’s. Whether that is for gaming, trading, or even leading them out. It’s all up to you.Check out our Trust page. So you can read and write reviews!

status banner

4. Status Wallet

The Status wallet is one that has been around for some time. Launched around the time of the last bull market, and funded by the ICO of their SNT token. The Status crypto wallet offers support for many crypto and non-crypto features. Because the wallet offers an in-app messaging feature and does not ask you to create an account. It can not and does not read your messages. Making the App a way more private messenger than Whatsapp. But onto of that the app also works as an all-in-one crypto wallet. So just like all the other wallets mentioned before Status offers you the option to collect and display your NFT’s within the app. And of course, they also have a built-in Ethereum wallet where you can receive your collectibles in. But Status not only has these features separately. But rather integrates them into each other. Making it so that you can send ETH and other crypto’s over the messenger to your friends and family. Making it much easier to simply transact with each other. Check out our Status page. So you can read and write reviews!

brave banner

5. Brave Browser

Although the Brave Browser is not just a crypto wallet it does have a build-in NFT crypto wallet. The Brave browser, as the name says works as an internet browser like Google chrome. But unlike Google Chrome, Brave browser focuses on privacy. And by doing so it makes browsing the internet more fun and safe. Because Brave browser automatically blocks most ads and deletes website trackers, saving you data and keeping you private.Not only that but the Brave browser also has a Metamask like build-in crypto wallet. This build-in wallet has basically the same features as the Metamask wallet. So it gives you standard access to Ethereum and lets you add manual EVM networks as you like. Because of the option that Metamask can add custom tokens. But also Brave can add manual tokens and allows you to add manual NFT’s. So with the Brave NFT wallet, you can simply use, see, and sell your collectibles at any time.Check out our Brave page. So you can read and write reviews!

cardano nfts

Cardano NFT wallets

1. Daedalus

A full node wallet for Desktop devices

2. Yoroi

Works for both browser and mobile created by Ergo

3. Nami

A browser extension for Cardano.

binance smart chain nfts

Binance Smart Chain NFT wallets

For the BSC we can choose from a large variety. But also from some that we already mentioned above. So that’s why we have chosen the following 5.

1.  Metamask

Lets you add manual networks including BSC.

2. Trust Wallet

Is owned by the Binance team and super for BSC.


Also perfect for BSC as it is mostly based on this blockchain.

4. Bridge

With multi-chain support and already one of the wallets that have received a 5-star review by us!

5. Zelcore

Supports many different blockchains with smooth UI on all types of devices.

solana nfts

Solana NFT wallets

1. Phantom

A good option for users on a web browser.

2. Solflare

Usable on multiple devices and support all sorts of Solana tokens.

3. Ledger Nano X

A great place to store your SOL assets offline.

avalanche nfts

Avalanche NFT wallets

1. Venly

A multi-chain wallet with Avalanche support and much more.

2. Trust Wallet

Works just as well with Avalanche as on other blockchains.

3. Brave Browser

Privacy + AVAX transactions when you add the network manually.

4. Metamask

Lets you manually add the Avalanche C-chain. Learn how you do that here.

5. Ledger Nano

Supports AVAX with its AVAX wallet.

polygon nfts

Polygon NFT wallets

1. Alpha Wallet

Let’s you collect NFT’s on many different blockchains.

2. Coin98

A super active wallet with support for the newest blockchains and tokens.

3. Go Pocket

A wallet with a cute UI meant for both crypto and collectibles.

4. CoinBase Dapp

Supports multi-chain support and collectibles


With full support for Polygon and its tokens.

theta nfts

Theta NFT wallets

1. Metamask

Also offers support for Theta. Learn how to add Theta to Metamask here!

2. Brave

Using Theta like on Metamask but with the privacy of Brave browser.

3. Leger

Add the Theta wallet to Ledger and enjoy offline Theta storage.

fantom nfts

Fantom NFT wallets

1. Trust

Good UX with Fantom support.

2. Metamask

Also offers support for Fantom. Learn how to add Fantom to Metamask here!

3. fWallet

Made by the Fantom foundation.

eos nfts

EOS NFT wallets

1. Wombat

Let’s you create EOS collectibles.

2. Metamask

Also offers support for EOS. Learn how to add EOS to Metamask here!

3. MathWallet

Full of features for EOS.

wax nfts

WAX NFT wallets

1.  MathWallet

Full of features for WAX

2. Leger

Add the WAX wallet to Ledger and enjoy offline WAX storage.

3. Bitkeep

Already helps 4 million users worldwide.

stacks nfts

Stacks NFT wallets

1. Hiro

For everything Stacks.

2. Xverse

Stacking on mobile.

3. Neptune

Non-custodial stacking on the web.

HECO nfts

HECO NFT wallets

1. Alpha

For collecting on HECO chain.

2. Metamask

Also offers support for HECO. Learn how to add HECO Metamask here!


A truly decentralized cross-chain wallet.

KCC nfts

KCC NFT wallets

1. Metamask

Also offers support for KCC. Learn how to add KCC Metamask here!

2. Alpha

For collecting on Kucoin Community Chain.

3. imToken

Has support for the KRC-721 standard on KCC.

Almost all the storage places for crypto and collectibles above are also open-source projects. So if you want to review their code you can see what’s going on, on the inside.

So now, this was our blog about the 5 Best NFT Wallets. But it turned into more like the 20+ best NFT wallets. So we hope that you can find one for the blockchain you like. But just in case you did not see one on this list. You can go to our wallet finder feature on our website and select your blockchain and the types of tokens you want to store on it. And this will then show you all the possible options there are. So that you can find the best one for you.

If this article helped you find what you were looking for, then do not forget to give us a like & follow on our socials, or to check out our other blogs. So do you have any crypto-related questions left? Then check out our blogs because they are very helpful! Or go to one of our support groups on Facebook and Telegram!

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