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Pros and Cons

Support for sidechain(s)
Easily user-friendly design
Explains how a non-custodial wallet works when setting up
The tabs “Assets & currencies” on the wallet page can be a bit confusing for newcomers. But has an upside as well.

Bridge Wallet is a non-custodial mobile app made in Switzerland that can bridge your bank account with your very own crypto wallet. Because Bridge wallet lets you buy crypto and cash it with zero fees. The Bridge wallet is made by Mt Pelerin and has a focus on clean design, Ethereum sidechain possibilities, and Dapp connectivity.


At first, sight when opening the App you will land on the wallet tab which has a clear and open-looking design. Down on the bottom of the wallet, you will find an easy-to-use menu. which is made of 4 different tabs, Wallet, activity, Addresses, Settings. They all have a similar layout as the main wallet page and do exactly as their name says. However, on the settings page, you will find some extra options like WalletConnect for the users that like to use Dapps. Going back to the main function of the app. In the wallet we will see that on the top left of the screen there is a small logo indicating the blockchain network that you’re currently on, tapping it lets you choose between different (side)chains. This is all done in a clean and stylish way.

On the main wallet page, you will also find 2 tabs on the top that divide the on-chain tokens between assets and currencies. Although any token (on that chain) can be added to both assets or currencies. This can be a bit confusing for first-time users but can also be beneficial for users that want to divide their tokens between these 2 columns.


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) Bridge wallet offers the following.

  • Option to buy crypto with your bank account
  • Easy access to Defi Dapps
  • Support for multiple Ethereum sidechains and testnets
  • Light and dark mode
  • 0% Fees on buying crypto with fiat currencies


Like every other wallet out there, Bridge wallet has flaws and missing things. The flaws that we point out are of course based on our personal opinion. And we would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

The Bridge wallet looks great and is very self-explaining in its use. But like every other wallet, it could use some improvements. As side chains are already added in for the Ethereum blockchain. It would also be nice to see this done for Bitcoin by adding the Lightning Network to the wallet. Preferably added in the same ways as the current Ethereum side chains are within the app. Besides that, it would be nice to see the Walletconnect option a bit more to the front instead of all the way in the back between settings.


The Bridge wallet is a great wallet with all its use cases and sidechain support of which we are big fans. The in-app design of Bridge wallet is very clean and simple, making it easy to understand for beginners and pros alike. With a small point on the 2 tabs in the wallet tab. Overall the wallet performed exactly like it should and helps prepare any users for the blockchain revolution. This concludes a solid score for the Bridge wallet of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

We hope you enjoyed our Bridge Wallet review. In case you do not agree with our opinion? You can write your own Bridge wallet review here! And also check out what other people think about the Bridge wallet.

Extra note: So always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product. So a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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