10 Best Harmony One wallets for 2023

To combat the current slow and expensive Ethereum, Harmony One is trying to improve on the old system. By making the blockchain world faster and more interoperable.

What is Harmony One?

Harmony One is an EVM-compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain network that focuses on scaling and connecting different blockchains. Users of the Harmony blockchain can enjoy high transaction throughput at a low cost. But also trustless bridges from one chain to another. This makes Harmony function as a hub between chains, making the world more interoperable and scalable one block at a time. Because of these facts, the blockchain has seen an increase in popularity and users. With many people asking the question “How to add Harmony to MetaMask?“. So that is why in this article we take a look at the 10 best Harmony One wallets for 2022!

coinbase wallet banner

1. CoinBase wallet

As one of the most used crypto wallets in the world, we give our nr 1 spot to Coinbase. Although the wallet did not always support ONE it has since added the possibility to add your own EVM. Making it a hub for many compatible chains. The Coinbase wallet exists for both web extensions, and for mobile phones. But be aware that it is not the same as the Coinbase (centralized) exchange. Although they hold the same name. With the (non-custodial) wallet only you hold the keys and access to your crypto funds.  Coinbase wallet supports a large variety of different crypto networks, Dapps and NFTs. So if you want to start using the web3 to the fullest with Harmony. Take a look at their product!

metamask harmony one banner

2. Metamask

One of the most used EVM wallets in the world. Metamask works originally as an Ethereum wallet. But these days people use it for many other EVM chains as well. Metamask comes as both a browser extension and a mobile app, making it perfect to connect to your favorite Dapps. Because you can manually add chains to Metamask you can run the Harmony One blockchain and many other smart chains one it in no time. This makes it a perfect ONE wallet for those that make use of multiple blockchains. Adding Harmoney to the Metamask is easy and can be done in no time. To see how to do so check our blog here.  Have you not heard of Metamask before? Check out our Metamask review here!

math wallet banner

3. Mathwallet

As a long-standing crypto wallet for all sorts of devices and support for hardware wallets. Mathwallet scores quite high on our list. Mathwallets gives you the chance to become the safeguard over your own financial assets. So you never need a bank again. The crypto wallet has many built-in features to support Defi applications and NFTs. Not only for Ethereum or BSC but also for Harmony and many other EVM blockchains.  With a wallet like Math, you can make sure you earn some interest on your crypto or find a suitable DEX. So you can trade all the tokens you want.

trustwallet banner

4. Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is the most popular mobile crypto wallet in the world. Not just for Ethereum but also for many other blockchains. And it of course supports Harmony. Because Trust wallet focuses on an easy UI and UX making a super user-friendly environment. The wallet has a smooth look with support for many different blockchains. So if you already use other blockchains, Dapps, or NFTs that you could bridge them from one chain to another from within the crypto wallet. Trust wallet comes with not only strong features and a great design but also a strong team behind it. The project was launched with the backing of Binance. Making it one of the best-funded and fastest crypto storage projects on the market right now.

imtoken harmony one banner

5. imToken

Launched in 2016 imToken is one of the multi-chain crypto wallets that has been standing around for some time already. The wallet has support for many different tokens, Dapps and layer 2’s. On top of its build-in Dapp browser.  With imToken you hold the keys, placing you in full control of the tokens/coins and NFTs you hold. So you do not have to put your trust in any other centralized entity for your financials. We have also reviewed this wallet so give it a look now!

guarda wallet banenr

6. Guarda

The Guarda wallet is available for basically any type of platform. This way you can use Guarda to store your, Harmony, everywhere you want. And in your full control. Because Guarda is fully non-custodial. With support for all the big blockchains out there and their tokens.  This makes Guarda a hub for staking, Defi, and much more. Just like Harmony, it supports the whole multi-chain ecosystem from Cardano to Zcash. Plus it supports Touch ID or Face ID to access your crypto storage without having to type the whole password each time.

cobo wallet harmony one

7. Cobo

Cobo is one of the first wallets ever to create POS revenue within the wallet. Enabling users to safely store, use and invest in their crypto assets. Cobo supports multiple tokens, which can be stored safely. Cobo keeps their product up to date, innovating along with the crypto industry.  If you are looking for a fast multi-chain wallet that can sync on different devices, has partnered with blockchains like EOS, ETH, and many more, Cobo might be the right fit for you.

edge wallet harmony one

8. Edge

As a long-standing multi-language and multi-chain wallet. The edge wallet has made it to our list. The wallet works great for all crypto-asset holders and traders alike. Because it supports a large number of digital assets like Bitcoin, Avalanche, Monero, and many more.  The wallet gives 100% of the control to you. Making it so that neither they nor any other 3rd party has access to your cryptocurrencies or wallet data. This way you will stay in control of your financial data and your privacy. Expressing exactly what blockchains set out to do.  If you have not started with crypto but are looking into it you could start with Edge as they give you the option to buy and sell crypto with fiat all from within their app.

frontier harmony

9. Frontier

The Frontier wallet does as its name says. It brings you to the frontier of crypto. Because with Frontier you can enjoy all the benefits of the multi-chain ecosystem. From Defi, NFTs, to blockchain gaming. With over 4000+ crypto assets supported within the wallet, you can store all your digital assets.  If earning interest is your thing you can also use Frontier to stake your coins on-chain and earn a yield on your crypto or stable coins all from one single app. But do remember that with Frontier, like the other wallets in this blog. Only you hold control over your assets making you responsible and in control.

bitpie wallet banner

10. Bitpie

Are you a Bitcoin user? One that likes to use the lightning network? But also enjoys someone that likes Harmony One? Well, then Bitpie might be a great wallet for you. Although the last wallet on our list, Bitpie offers a lot of great features for the non-custodial crypto holder.  With its support for many different blockchains and sidechains. That you can not just transact with but also use for Dapps from within the Bitpie wallet. So wheater you want to trade on PancakeSwap, UniSwap, or just transact fast and quickly over the lightning network. With Bitpie you can do it all.  If you want to learn more about Bitpie? Then check out our Bitpie review here!

Harmony One wallet F.A.Q.

Where can I find the official Harmony One wallet?

You can find the official Harmony One wallet on their website. It is however Web-only, and no longer upgraded as other wallets have integrated with the chain.

How much does it cost to store ONE  on these wallets?

Nothing at all. All the wallets that we have listed above are free to use. So you can enjoy crypto from anywhere at any time!

Where can I safely store my Harmony One?

Sadly we can not really answer this as it depends a lot on you. All the wallets in this article are non-custodial. Meaning that if you use one of them, you will be responsible for its security, and no one else. So please be careful and make sure that you have a backup of your wallet somewhere safe.

Does Harmony support games?

Yes, the Harmony blockchain can support crypto games on top of it. With Harmony Puzzle, DefiKingdom, and Freyala already running on top of it.

What is the current ONE price?

You can find the current ONE price on websites like CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko.

We really hope this article helped you find a place to put your ONE coins and tokens. But if you prefer a wallet that was not included in our list, you can go to our filter page. Here you can find a wallet for any type of cryptocurrency, NFT, or token. If this blog helped you then don’t forget to check out the others and give us a like and follow on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter!

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