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Bitpie Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons

Easily user-friendly design
Optimized for the use of web3
Pushes you to make a backup
Possibility to pair with hardware wallets
Support a large variety of EVM blockchains
Cheap/free transactions with the Bitcoin lightning network
Always displays the crypto value in a fiat currency

Update: 23/06/23 - The Bitpie official website seems to be down.

In this Bitpie wallet review blog, we take a look at the Bitpie Mobile App. The Bitpie wallet is an industry-leading multi-crypto wallet combined with support for many different blockchains, Dapp browser, and much more. The wallet has already been downloaded more than 100.000 times from the Google play store, whit many active users. Besides their large user base and crypto storage capabilities. They try to support the push for ETH2.0, by having a lot of Ether pledged to it from the wallet. Bitpie was made so users can hold custody of their own funds and interact permissionless with the blockchain world. This way users can own their data and financial activities. Bitpie lets people’s value flow freely on-chain via multiple blockchains and sidechains. Including the Bitcoin lightning network.

Check out the Bitpie website here.

So let’s now take a closer look at our Bitpie wallet review!

Bitpie wallet set up

Like any good crypto, storage place should do. When you open Bitpie they tell you, that you should make a backup code for your new crypto wallet. Although you can skip this if you would like. But in case you already have an existing wallet you can import that one too. The backup code for your Bitpie wallet consists of a 12-word phrase. Please make sure you write this phrase down as it is your only way to access the wallet when you lose your device. But also make sure no one else sees it as they could access your funds with it as well.

After that, the wallet will open and give you some small instructions and bring you to the main wallet page. Now that you are set up, you can start to use it.


So now that you have finished setting up, we can start to take a look at the wallet itself. We will first land on the wallet page, the first page out of 5 pages. Bitpie wallet also has a markets, Discover, News, and Me page. On the first page, the wallet page, we find a large variety of features and displays. At the top of the screen, you will see 2 small tabs where you can change the blockchain and the network. Under that, we find a display of the value your account holds. The value however is displayed in a fiat currency of choice. Going lower on the page we also have a toolbox with features such as adding custom RPC, Address Book, the Pie Store, and much more. And last but not least is the display of the actual assets both in the token amount and fiat currency.

So here you can see your tokens. But also you NFT’s. Because you can click on the word collectibles here to bring you to the NFT tab on this page. But in case you do not see your NFT or crypto-token here you can add on manually by clicking on the plus button.

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The Other Crypto Pages

On the second page (markets) we find the prices for many different trading pairs. This can be very useful if you are a trader or someone that needs to stay up to date with the price for whatever reason. Clicking the trading pairs allows you to see a bit more details about the pair. But also shows you an exchange button. So you can directly start trading your crypto from within the Bitpie.

The third page (Discover) is definitely the most impactful as it basically works as a Dapp browser. So here you can find many different blockchain Dapps by either selecting them directly on the page. Or by searching for their direct URL. Because a build-in Dapp browser gives you access to any type of decentralized application. You can use the power of many blockchains unlimitedly.

Bitpie’s fourth page is the news page. Here we can read some articles by Bitpie. Clicking one of the articles will bring you to the Bitpie website blog. The blogs/announcements we find here are nice but could use some more frequently. Because their latest blog seems to be from 4 months ago.

And at last, we have the “Me” page. Here we can change some of our info, add an avatar etc. But also gives you the option to connect to your BITHD hardware wallet. So you can be extra safe. But we also find some more extra settings here like backups, fee model, default currency, and more.

Storage and Private Keys in Bitpie

Because the Bitpie wallet is a non-custodial wallet, you hold the responsibility. This means that when you lose your wallet and the backup, Bitpie can not return the funds to you. This is because they also do not have access to it. Only you do. This way you hold all the control. So no one can stop you from using your crypto. The wallet thus holds your access keys (Private Keys). Because of this reason, you should 100% make a backup code for your wallet (the 12-word phrase).

After you have written this down, you should hide the code somewhere safe. So only you can find it. Because with that code anyone can access your wallet. Making it very, very important.

Blockchains supported by Bitpie

Bitpie supports a large variety of blockchains. So many that we are not gonna list them all below. The nice thing about this is that Bitpie can serve almost everyone in the blockchain industry as it has support for almost all major blockchains. And even if your blockchain does not have native support. You can often just manually add it. Because Bitpie has the option to add a manual EVM chain to the wallet. Meaning blockchains like, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, KCC can just be added by you.

Besides all these different blockchains, Bitpie also offers to support the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This is amazing as you can send BTC transactions almost for free this way. Having the Bitcoin lightning network in a wallet that also supports many other blockchains is quite revolutionary at this time. And we love this! This can be very helpful if you use the lightning network on a daily basis. But that also like to use Ethereum, Cardano, and other blockchains. Especially if you live in El Salvador.

Dapp Browser

The built-in Dapp browser in Bitpie showcases a few tabs for Dapps on many different blockchains like HECO, SOL, BSC, and many more. But these are just some Dapps displayed in the wallet. You can also search for a Dapp manually by typing the Dapp name or URL. Because you can add any blockchain that runs an EVM, you can also access the Dapps on that blockchain. Making it perfect if you want to avoid the current high gas fees on Ethereum.

This way you can explore the enormous web3 world all from within one crypto app. With Dapps for trading, Earning interest, Games, NFTs, and much more. So you can play and earn with your collectibles just as well as with your money.

Is Bitpie wallet safe?

A good question that you might have. Short answer, Yes. We have tested it and all seems to be working fine. But when it comes to this question and non-custodial wallets it is always a bit tricky. Because non-custodial means that you hold access to the funds and thus the responsibility. So safety really depends on you in this case. So we nor Bitpie is responsible for your assets.

But if you are aware of that and just want to know if it works well. Yes, it does. All features within it seem to be working fine. And although Bitpie says their lightning network feature is still in beta. We tested it too and it works perfectly. Even adding a custom EVM blockchain network is super easy. If you don’t know how to do that, take a look at one of our blogs explaining how to add BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, HSC, KCC, Theta, Xinfin, EOS to Metamask. It works basically the same for Bitpie. So just scroll down to the last part and copy that into Bitpie.

Bitpie Fees

So do you pay Fees for using the Bitpie wallet? No, you don’t. The basic features of Bitpie like sending and receiving are completely free. This is great for everyone in crypto because no one likes to pay more than necessary. On top of that, Bitpie does not cost you anything to download. So you don’t have to worry about needing to pay for a crypto wallet. This way the Bitpie wallet can be available for all crypto users around the world no matter how much money they have. Even the smallest amounts can be stored on Bitpie. This works perfectly for those who like to play some Bitcoin lightning network games and need a mobile app that can store their hard-earned Sats.

BITHD Hardware wallet

The BitHD hardware wallets are some of the Hardware wallets developed by the same company behind Bitpie. They have several different hardware wallets that can all connect to the Bitpie mobile wallet. These include the BitHD razor, BitHD watch 1, and BitHD watch 2. All these crypto hardware wallets can connect to the Bitpie mobile wallet. So you can keep your crypto even safer. With these hardware wallets, you can store the same blockchain tokens as on the Bitpie wallet making it a good match.

Sadly enough we have not yet tested one of the BitHD hardware wallets. But as it comes from the same team. We expect it to be quite good. So if you use the Bitpie wallet and want to use a hardware wallet as well. The Bitpie wallet could be a perfect match for you.

Bitpie support

For most people, crypto wallets are still an unknown thing. Understanding how to use on can thus be very difficult for some people. That is why a good customer support service can help newcomers to get started with crypto. Luckily Bitpie does offer a customer support service. Their support works fine in our opinion. But has a much faster response to the Chinese support than to the English one. This does not come as a surprise as Bitpie has a Chinese-speaking background and their socials also include a lot of Chinese. Their English-speaking customer service also works just fine. But you might have to wait a little longer for a response.

If you don’t want to wait for that, we would recommend looking at their help/F.A.Q. page. Here you can find a lot of information which can help you out right away. This makes it quicker for you and does not have to bother their customer service too much.

Just in case you have a question for their support? You can contact them here.

Download Bitpie

If you like what you have read about so far, you can download Bitpie for both Android and IOS. Links to both can be found by clicking here. If you do end up downloading it, please let us know what you think about it on our review page. And now let’s look at some features, pros, and cons down bellow.


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) Bitpie wallet offers the following.

  • Address book
  • Dapp browser
  • NFT tab
  • In-app trading
  • Hardware wallet support
  • Multi-(side)chain


Like every other Wallet out there, the Bitpie wallet has flaws and missing things. The flaws that we point out are of course based on our personal opinion and we would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

The Bitpie wallet is a great multi-chain wallet but like all wallets can still use 3 little improvements. We believe that these little upgrades can make the wallet even better and hope the team takes them in mind. So at first, we would love to see the option to display the value in BTC or any other crypto instead of always having to display it in a fiat currency. For crypto maxis, this would be a great feature.

Also, a small tutorial of the toolbox that we find on the main wallet page could be helpful. This is because some of the tools might not be as obvious of what they are and how they work for beginners. And last but not least. We would like to see some more articles in the news section. Because right now it only contains non-frequent old blogs. This could easily be upgraded by linking to some other third-party blogs or writing more blogs. Feel free to link to our blogs for more content if you would like.


The Bitpie mobile crypto wallet seems like a great crypto wallet for users of many different blockchains & sidechains. Although the wallet would be a bit easier to use for crypto-savvy people, it works perfectly for beginners as well.

The wallet has a clean design and an easy-to-understand UI. Besides that, the Bitpie wallet has support for a large number of blockchains, sidechains, and the Bitcoin lightning network. This makes it perfect for Dapp users but also for users that also use the lightning network on a daily basis. This combination is still unique making it the perfect wallet for users of both Dapps and the Bitcoin lightning network. So if you are a web3 and lightning user, Bitpie can be great for you.

Although the wallet has many great features it could still improve with a little tutorial for the toolbox, more frequent news postings, and the option to select your own display currency. But besides that, we couldn’t really find anything else that we thought needed improvement. So we are curious how Bitpie will evolve into the future and if they come up with more features/upgrades to their wallet.

The Rating

However, Bitpie performs perfectly and meets all the requirements a good multi-chain wallet should have. We decided to give the Bitpie wallet a 4.2-star rating out of 5 stars. Leaving some space for some improvements but with already a great product out right now.

Although here at Yada we do not give financial advice or advice on which crypto wallet to use. We do share our opinion, and we believe that Bitpie is a recommendable wallet for all crypto users around the world!

So we really want to wish the best to the team, and its users alike. We hope this Bitpie Wallet review can be useful for their users and their future developments.

The end

We hope you enjoyed our Bitpie wallet review. In case you do not agree with our Bitpie wallet review? You can test it out yourself and let us know what you think about Bitpie!

Extra note: So as always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product so a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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