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Ballet Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons

No set-up or technical knowledge needed
Comes at an affordable price
Can hold multiple hardware cards in one app
Easily user-friendly design
Use of recycled paper for packaging (a big plus for being environment friendly)
Not perfect for making day to day payments

Ballet Wallet Review

In this Ballet wallet review blog, we take a look at the Ballet REAL Series wallet and the Ballet Mobile App. Ballet wallet is a U.S.-based cryptocurrency company that provides simple and secure cryptocurrency hardware storage solutions for everyone. The company was founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee and his team of cryptocurrency industry veterans. He and his team have been in the crypto space for many years having founded other crypto companies before, that focus on crypto trading.

The company launched its product with over $3 million in funding from angel investors. Which was raised in 2019 in a seed funding round led by Ribbit Capital.

Ballet wallet has already secured hundreds of millions in crypto value. And support a large variety of different blockchains. Because the hardware wallet does not have any USB port or Bluetooth connectivity. It works as a solid offline unhackable hardware wallet. So it can store and protect your crypto from hackers.

Check out the Ballet crypto website here.

So let’s now take a closer look at our Ballet wallet review!

Ballet wallet set up

Just like it says on the Ballet REAL Series packaging, “no setup”. So this means you really don’t have to do anything to set up the wallet. Just open the box and put some of your Bitcoin or any other crypto on it. Because of this, the wallet can be used right from the start. It takes you a few seconds to open the box and start using the wallet. But that is for the REAL series. If you want to actually send crypto with the wallet you will need to download the Ballet crypto app.

The App does not need much of a setup either. You just download it and scan the public Key QR-code that is on the Real Series hardware wallet. Because this will add the wallet to the app. So now you are all set up to store, send, and receive crypto. Let’s take a closer look.

Ballet Mobile wallet

So Ballet comes really into parts. You have the hardware card and the mobile app. On the card, you will have your crypto, and hold your private key. And on the ballet mobile app, you can interact with the wallet. So when you want to take your crypto out of your cold storage, you can. The mobile app is available for any mobile device, desktop, and is also free to use. But is not limited to holding/connecting to only 1 card. No, if you have multiple hardware cards/ accounts, you can simply add them all to the Ballet mobile app. This way you have full access to monitor all your hardware wallets while at the same time keeping them safely spread out in different accounts. Download the software wallet here.

But besides working as an interface for sending and receiving crypto. The mobile app also lets you interact with Dapps. Because the app has a web3 wallet connect option built-in. Because of this, you can simply connect to any Dapp by scanning the Walletconnect QR code of the Dapp. This can be especially great for NFT collectors as the mobile version has an NFT display tab.


So now that you have finished setting up both the mobile and the hardware wallet, we can start to take a look at the wallet itself. The card itself comes as a smooth-looking metal card with on the front the Public key and on the back a little memo box. The  Public key on the front is on a small sticker that you can peel off. Because underneath it you will find the private key. So please be careful with that. Because anyone who has that private key has access to your funds.

Under the public key sticker, you will find a wallet passphrase. You will have to scratch this part to make the passphrase appear. It is also very important to not show this to anyone. Because with this passphrase you can send transactions through the mobile wallet. When you want to send a transaction using the mobile wallet you will be asked to fill in the passphrase and the private key to confirm the transaction. So in case you plan on doing so it will be important to have the passphrase at hand.

Ballet REAL Bitcoin review 1

Mobile Wallet Design

The mobile wallet also has a similarly smooth design, with the same colors in use. Because the private keys are only stored on the physical device, you do not really have to do any backup/setup, etc for the mobile wallet. On the front page of the mobile wallet, you will directly find an overview of all your hardware cards that you have added to it. And next to that there is a scan option and a more tab that has some settings for the more technical crypto users.

Now clicking your crypto card will show you the balances you have on it. But also lets you add a large variety of different tokens and blockchains. So you can use the wallet not just for Bitcoin only. Here in this section we also find an option for sending and receiving. But also for buying crypto, exchanging it, wallet connect, NFT’s, and the option to rename the wallet.

In the card section of the mobile wallet, you will also find 2 (fake) cards already added to it. This is a purchase card option and a new user guide option. These come with a small explanation about how to purchase the card and how to connect it and set it up with the cryptos of choice.

Storage and Private Keys on Ballet wallet

Because the ballet wallet is a non-custodial hardware wallet, you hold the responsibility for your crypto. This means that when you lose your hardware wallet and the backup, Ballet nor Yada Wallets can return the funds to you.

It is important to note this because really only you have access to it. But that is also the reason you buy a hardware wallet. So that you are in complete control over your funds and do not have to rely on anyone else. Because the responsibility lays only with you we would highly suggest keeping a backup somewhere safe. So that in case of an emergency you do not lose your crypto/Bitcoin. Because even though the card is made of solid metal, it is not fireproof and can thus be destroyed in a worst-case scenario.

This can be prevented with a good backup. But make sure your backup does not reach the eyes of others that do not need access to your funds!

Blockchains supported by Ballet

Ballet supports a large number of different blockchains and tokens. When you want to use any of them you can just activate them in the manage section of the card (within the app). Besides blockchains, you can also add custom ERC-20, TRC-20, and BEP-20 tokens making it ideal for your tokens. But not all of them have to be added manually as some are already added to the manage sections. You can just click activate on the token and it appears in the app itself.

We will not put a list here of all the chains and tokens that you can hold in the app. But you can go to their wallet page here and see it for yourself.

The physical wallet has only the logo of one crypto on it. But that does not mean it only supports that crypto. No, the wallet is truly multi-crypto. So you can access and safely keep the majority of your portfolio in the crypto wallet.

A Hardware Wallet for NFT’s

Because of the recent hype and value around NFT’s, a place to safe-keep your valuable collectibles is super important. Luckily Ballet wallet has a collectibles tab where you can see all your NFT’s. This display feature works great for collectors of the most popular CryptoPunks or crypto kitties. But is still limited to a small collection of NFT collections. But don’t worry the wallet plans on adding more in the future. For now, you can still find the most popular ones. So for many collectors, this should work great. But we hope to see many more collections added in the near future.

Using Dapps with a Hardware wallet

Like many crypto wallets, Ballet has an option for WalletConnect. This lets you connect to Decentralized Applications (Dapps). For the current world of  Defi and blockchain games, this is quite important. And having a hardware wallet and using Defi at the same time can sometimes look a bit difficult. The good thing about having a dual system with the physical card and the mobile app is that you can use the app to connect to Dapps. This way you can still keep your funds on a safe device/location. While at the same time enjoying the benefits of web3.0.

For now, these Dapps have to run on top of Ethereum, BSC, or Tron. As other big Dapp networks like Avalanche, HECO, and Klaytn have not yet been added to the wallet. But we hope that some of these blockchains will also be integrated into the wallet as their popularity grows.

Ballet wallet review 1

Is Ballet wallet safe?

The most important question of course when it comes to storing your assets. Is Ballet (real series) safe? Well short answer, Yes. Ballet was nice enough to send us some wallets to test out. And we can conclude that it is completely safe to use. Ballet as a company seems to check all the trustworthiness boxes on our list.

The only thing that we were wondering about at the beginning is the generation of the private key. With many wallets, this is done through a random input method which will eventually decide your private key. But with the Ballet wallets, you already have a pre-generated private key. This means you do have to have some trust in the company that they create these in a way, so it does not leak to the outside or to any hackers and scammers. Luckily they have much to read about this on their website’s FAQ.

Here we can see that the private key is created by 2 different parties that are located in totally different places in the world. Making it so that no single party had access to your private key before.


This idea of having a private key created by 2 different parties is done using the BIP-38 protocol. With Bip-38 users can both protect their private key with one extra encryption. But it also allows third-party wallet providers to create a private key that is made up of two parts. These parts are the original private key + the passphrase = secret private key. In the case of Ballet wallets, the private key and the passphrase are both produced in different locations by different teams. And are never recorded anywhere. This way no single entity has ever seen or had access to your new private key. So you can feel good knowing your funds will never get stolen by the company or its employees.

Ballet Wallet’s Fees

Now unlike many other wallets, Ballet wallet does not have any fees to it. This is of course because their model of income comes from selling the hardware wallets themselves. This makes it safe and free to store your crypto offline without having to worry that you would have to pay fees later on. The only real fees you will find while using the Ballet wallet are the transaction fees of the blockchains themselves.

Because of the current popularity of certain blockchains, the transaction fees on them can cost you a lot! So make sure you do not waste all your crypto on high transaction fees when rush hour starts on the blockchain. Besides that, you could also make use of blockchains that kind of function like layer 2 blockchains. Blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Litecoin, etc.

To save on fees you can set your own transaction fee within the Ballet wallet mobile app. This allows you to send either cheaper (slower) transactions. Or speed up transactions by paying more to the miners.

Ballet Support Service

When new people enter the crypto space they always have a lot of questions. Where can I buy Bitcoin? What is a private key? etc. Because of this, good customer service is super important. Especially when it comes to a wallet that has a focus on beginners like the Ballet Real Series hardware wallet. We have tested their product but also their customer service. To see if they would really give us a good helpful answer. And if they respond on time.

When it comes to the response from the customer service we are more than satisfied. Not only did they answer ours in a well-sized response. But they also wrote it in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. The response also came back within 24 hours. Which is quite fast. Although we think they could do a little better on the response time. Maybe with a live chat or a 12 hour response time. But we talk about a small detail here as a response within 24 hours is already at the top of customer service speed.

In case you have a question and you don’t want to wait for that, we would highly recommend looking at their help/F.A.Q. page. Here you can find a lot of information about crypto and the Ballet wallets, which can help you out right away. This makes it quicker for you and does not have to bother their customer service too much.

Just in case you have a question for their support? You can contact them here.

Buy Ballet Wallet

The people’s money, AKA crypto exists because we all need full access to an unstoppable monetary system. But this comes at quite a high price for a lot of hardware wallets. On this point Ballet wallet definitely earns a point. Because the wallet does not have many tech extras on it. But keeps it quite simple. This also makes it possible to go for a much lower price. With the Ballet wallet REAL series going for a price of 35$ each. This way almost anyone can afford to keep their crypto safe.

Although Ballet wallet has multiple wallets that come at different prices. Most of them go for under 100 bucks. And they also have many fun design options. With even the option to create your own cover or choose a specific NFT cover. For the NFT collectors among us.

Download Ballet Wallet App

To get started with the Hardware wallet, we would recommend also getting the free software wallet that goes along with it. You can just download this from the Apple or Google Play store. But it also exists for windows. Because the software wallet comes completely for free, why not get it? It lets you check in on your funds and easily use or spend them when you feel you need to.

A Crypto Gift

There is always a holiday near. As of writing Xmas is just around the corner. This means presents. And what better to get your crypto or non-crypto friends and family than a crypto gift. Because the wallets come in many different designs you can give them for any special occasion. A great gift that works as a conversation starter, and can bring your non-crypto friends and family to crypto. Just get the card out of the packaging and pre-charge it with a small amount of Bitcoin. This way the one receiving the gift will most likely get interested in learning more as they are now also crypto hodlers like us.


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) Ballet wallet offers the following.

  • Adjust transaction fees
  • Wallet Connect
  • NFT tab
  • In-app trading


Like every other Wallet out there, the Ballet wallet has flaws and missing things. The flaws that we point out are of course based on our personal opinion and we would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

The Ballet wallet is a great multi-chain hardware wallet with support for many blockchains and tokens. But like all wallets, they can still improve on some small things. Although we did not find many improvements. We think they could increase the speed of their customer service by a little so customers can get started a bit faster for when they get stuck with the wallet.

Next to that. We would like to see a small feature that helps you make a backup of the wallet without having to write down the private key and the passphrase on a piece of paper. Yes, yes we know. It is a hardware wallet so the physical device is your backup. But still. The device is not fireproof and in a worst-case scenario, it would be nice if we could have a backup in another location. So we do not lose our funds in a fire or other disaster.

Packaging Improvement

Besides that, we would really like to see a small change to the packaging. Because the wallet can be a perfect gift for any special occasion. It would be nice to pre-load it with crypto and then give it to someone. Sadly right now you would have to take the wallet out of the packaging to put on some BTC and you can not really put it back in as there is a part of the packaging that you will have to break. This of course is good for the security of the product but makes it less nice to give as a present. Because it would have already been taken out of the package.

We can’t really tell you how they should solve this. But a solution to that would be great!


The Ballet hardware crypto wallet seems like a great hardware crypto wallet for your cold storage or as a present to your friends. Users of many different blockchains & tokens can use it for offline storage at an affordable price. Although the wallet could improve some minor things when it comes to customer service and packaging, it works perfectly for all sorts of crypto users as well.

Both the mobile and the hardware wallet have a clean design and an easy-to-understand UI. This makes it super easy for anyone to get started. And for the more experienced crypto users, there is also the option to interact with Dapps through the mobile app. This gives functionality for many different sorts of users and helps to boost the overall crypto adoption worldwide.

So these were our thoughts on the Ballet Real Series and the additional mobile application. We couldn’t really find many flaws as the product is quite simple to understand and does exactly what it needs to do.

Now we really hope that you benefited from our review and we are curious to see how Ballet will evolve into the future and if they come up with a solution to the small things we mentioned earlier.

The rating

However, Ballet performs perfectly, comes at an affordable price, and meets all our needs a hardware wallet should have. We decided to give the Ballet wallet a 4,9-star rating out of 5 stars. Leaving a little space for some improvements but with already a great product out right now.

Although here at Yada we do not give financial advice or advice on which crypto hardware wallet to use. We do share our opinion, and we believe that Ballet is a great recommendable storage place for all crypto users around the world! Especially for those people that you want to bring into the crypto world.

We really want to wish the best to the team, and its users alike. We hope this Ballet Real Series hardware wallet review can be useful for their users and their future developments.

The end

We hope you enjoyed our Ballet wallet review. In case you do not agree with our Ballet wallet review? You can test it out yourself and write your own Ballet wallet review on Yada Wallets today! And also don’t forget to check out what other people think about the Ballet wallet.

Extra note: So as always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product so a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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