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Crazy Defense Heroes Review

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Pros and Cons

Actual play to earn game
Good NFT ecosystem
A lot of grinding later in game

In this review we take a look at the Crazy Defense Heroes game, how it works, and especially at what you can earn from playing it. I myself have played this game now almost daily for over a year and found the game not only rewarding as a play-to-earn game but also fun to play in general.

A look at the Crazy Defense Heroes Gameplay

In the game Crazy Defense Heroes, your goal is to protect the kingdom from invading monsters. To do so you have to strategically deploy defense towers, heroes, and spells, plus your main avatar to eliminate all the threats.

To place these towers and heroes, you have to use cards. It's very important to select the right combination of cards and place them strategically and effectively to win the battle. At the beginning of the game, it might seem quite easy, as the first levels are very simple. But the levels will get more difficult fast once you passed the first few maps. As your card slots have a limit, you will have to upgrade your cards to go become stronger and defeat stronger enemies.

If you are not strong enough to defeat all enemies, you will lose hearts for every enemy that crosses the line. This will be a problem depending on the map that you are playing. Because each map comes with a different number of hearts. 

Levels can be completed with 1, 2, or 3 starts. To get to 3 starts, you will need to defeat all enemies and let none of them pass. For 2 start you can let some pass but not too many. And for 1 start, you have to survive with almost no hearts left.

To gain cards and resources in the game, you can finish (daily) quests, daily checking, watch ads, or move further through the levels in the game. All of these things will give you gems, materials, gold, and new cards. Most of these resources are needed to upgrade your game cards. But gems can be used to purchase things from the shop like chests and other resources. 

In the game, gems can be used for all sorts of things besides the shop. You can also use them to revive your character when it dies in a level or to purchase more energy (which you need to start a level).

From each level that you do, you will receive exp and level up. Once you level up you will unlock new features like clans, more daily quests, and higher rewards. Once you have leveled and become part of a clan. You can also partake in the clan quest, which could bring you some nice extra rewards, in the form of cards and resources.

To make the most of the game and level up the quickest, you do have to play at least daily. And also check in for the daily rewards that are available. But if you plan on playing more, you could also check every 4 hours to receive the 4-hour check-in chest (which gives only low-level rewards).

Game Economy and the Play-to-Earn Mechanics

In Crazy Defense Heroes, players only have to focus on one token, the $TOWER token. This token is not really directly integrated into the game. But rather functions as a reward token related to the game. The $TOWER token lives as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. But is sent out to players as rewards on the Polygon network, because of the cheaper fees. 

$TOWER is not only the token for Crazy Defense Heroes but also for all the current and future games under the Crazy Kings franchise. In most of these games so far, we see that the utility of the token comes from the fact that you can purchase in-game things with the $TOWER token instead of fiat money. Which gives you a massive discount. So while playing the game you can earn their token, which you then in return can use to buy in-game chests and other things.

How to Get Started with the game

To start your Crazy Defense Heroes journey, you simply have to download the mobile game app for either Android or iOS. As the game is completely free to play, you can start right away and level up as much as you can. The game provides you with a simple but short tutorial at the beginning. So, to guide you to the start and prepare you for higher levels.

To save your account and eventually also start earning $TOWER you will need to find your CDH user ID and connect this to your NFT & Web3 capable wallet. Make sure that you make a good backup of this wallet. Because if you have any money or valuable tokens on it, you will want to not lose it. 

Not much else needs to be done to start playing the game to its fullest. But only later in the game, once you have reached the right level to join a clan, you might want to join their social groups on Telegram or Discord. Because if you play this game by yourself, it might be hard to find a (good) clan to join. Luckily, there are lots of people that you can ask about their clans in these chats, and I'm in no doubt that you will find a good clan for you.


How to earn $TOWER token

As of now, there are 3 ways to earn $TOWER token by playing the game. Not all of these are as profitable as you might hope, but in total, active players might make some cash from playing the game.

The first way to earn from the game is by doing daily check-ins with your account on the Crazy Defense Heroes website. For each day, you will receive more tokens. This is nice but comes with a small issue. Because on the first few days of the month, you get a very small amount. Starting with 1 $TOWER token on the first day of the month. Now, 1 $TOWER token has seen swings in prices as well. But most of the time this price was either equal or lower than the gas fee on Polygon. Making the first few claims of the month, often not very profitable.

The second reward scheme is more simple. Earn as much Exp throughout the month and earn a share of the pool of rewards for that month. Pool size may vary over time, but for now, they are as followed. To participate in these events, you will need to hold at least 1 Crazy Defense Heroes NFT.

  • Tier 1, XP Gain: 315,000 - 450,000 XP, Reward pool: 900,000 TOWER. 
  • Tier 2, XP Gain: 450,001 - 600,000 XP, Reward pool: 600,000 TOWER. 
  • Tier 3, XP Gain: 315,000 - 450,000 XP, Reward pool: 300,000 TOWER among players who make it to this tier, and 1x Elite Badge NFT for each of the top 10% players within the month.

The third option is to put your NFTs to work in the boss fight of the month. Here you can lock your NFT and its power to fight a boss together with all the other people that participate. If enough people join the fight, you could defeat the boss and earn some tokens. But because you have to lock your NFT, you can not use it for the other Exp event. So this would mean that you will need at least 2 NFTs. Besides that, you also have more power in this event if you deploy more than 1 NFT, which will make your reward higher and the chance of winning too. 

The Crazy Defense Heroes NFTs

Unlike many other popular NFTs, the Crazy Defense Heroes are not that expensive. With the bottom price often being around $30. Of course, if you want to get the rarest 4-start NFT, you might have to really pull out your wallet. But most of the average players won't need that and will be fine with a simple 2 or 1-start NFT for $30.

The NFTs are actively on sale on OpenSea and usually have quite the alright sale volume of at least 3+ sales per day. If you want to look for one of the NFTs, you might struggle to find them at first. But you can either find the collection under the name Tower Battle Cards, or via the link on the Crazy Defense Heroes website.

If you start playing the game actively, an NFT might be a good addition. Especially considering that you will earn a lot more tokens when you have one and can simply sell it again if you want to stop playing the game.

How much does Crazy Defense Heroes pay?

The $TOWER token has seen a lot of price swings, with the general trend going down. This comes from the fact that there is probably more selling and giving out tokens than there is actual demand and use case for the token. Nevertheless, the token has some value, and you will receive it for playing the game. 

I myself have played the game for more than 1 year, of which I actively earned the token for about 8 months. Part of these tokens I had used to purchase in-game things, but the majority I kept. So by the time I am writing this review, I have about $11 worth of $TOWER tokens. This is not a large amount and maybe my timing is bad as a few months ago my tokens would have been worth up to $50. However, the game does pay you some money and I would recon that active players, would earn back the cost of the NFT they purchased within at least a year if not faster. This means that the game won't make you rich, but it will live up to its name as a play-to-earn game. With in my view a realistic payout ratio.

Trading $TOWER token

If you do not have the patients to earn your own $TOWER tokens and just want to start playing the game with lots of extras. You can simply purchase the token and use it to buy things in the shop online. 

$TOWER token can be purchased on several central exchanges like Kucoin, and CoinEx. But an easier way to get your hands on some tokens is through a DEX like Uniswap, or Quick Swap, as then you will already have your tokens ready in your wallet. 

You will need to transfer your tokens to your noncustodial wallet anyway at some point because it is the only way you can use them for purchases in the Crazy Defense Heroes online store.

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Crazy Defense Heroes Conclusion

After playing Crazy Defense Heroes for more than a year, I can say that I truly enjoyed the game. The beginning is especially fun if you are into tower defense games. However, over time the game does come down more and more to grinding for resources, so you can level up and keep the game going. This process will start taking more and more time, which can make it a bit less fun for longer-time players.

If you plan on playing the game to really earn some tokens, it is recommended to have an NFT from the start, so you don't waste any time not earning tokens. And make sure to join their socials to find a good clan. 

My time playing the game was divinity fun and that's why I rate this play to earn crypto game 4 stars out of 5.

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