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Pros and Cons

Launch with working product
Strong team and leadership
Active community
Might have some small bugs at the beginning stage

PodFast is a new tool that lets you summarize podcasts, YouTube videos, and any other form of long content into short 10-minute summaries that are easy to consume. The product has a straightforward goal of saving you time by making long content short. But also has ambitious plans to use its AI to generate video content that matches the audio or textual content generated. 

At the moment, their tool already generates textual and audio content in a matter of seconds. The product was built by Jeff Kirdeikis and his team. Jeff was the CEO of a crypto company called Trust Swap, which has seen a success run by itself. However, Jeff recently stepped down as CEO of Trust Swap to give his 100% attention to PodFast.


The PodFast design is simple and clean. The design has a focus on making it as easy as possible for you to directly understand what needs to be done to create the summaries of choice. Both in the mobile app and their web app, you will log in and directly find yourself on the page, where you can create your own summaries or go via the menu to your library of previously created content. Creating content with PodFast is quite simple. You only have to insert a file or a link from a source like YouTube. You then click on next and the platform will generate the summarized text. From here you can decide to move on and also generate an audio text and choose in which voice the audio will be.

And as simple as that, you have created a summary with PodFast. 


PodFast features right now are mainly to create short summarized content with their AI tool. But in the future, PodFast plans to not only give you the option to create text and audio from any long form of content. But to also have an AI-generated video with the content if desired. This would make it the ultimate content tool for creators who want to generate short versions of their original content or add a video to it. 


For now, PodFast is still in its beginning stages. They had their $FAST token launch at the beginning of the year and have only launched their product in July 2023. So as expected for a new platform you might encounter a bug depending on when you are reading this. However, besides that, the product works exactly as one would wish for. Making it a powerful AI tool to help you save time.


PodFast is a powerful AI tool that will save lots of people lots of time. Not only are they a crypto and AI project led by a famous crypto entrepreneur, but they also have a product that speaks to non-crypto people. 

One of the things that made PodFast stand out from the start was that they came with a ready-for-market product right after their token launch. Making it not such a long wait for their initial investors.

We really liked the PodFast product and see a bright future for the project as it develops and gains more users over time. Because of this, the wallet scores a decent 4.8 out of 5 stars.‍

We hope you enjoyed our PodFast review. In case, you do not agree with our opinion? Let us know on social media, so we can improve our continent in the future.

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