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Bitcoin Testnet Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons

A good wallet to learn about Bitcoin
The UI & UX of the wallet is very bad
The focus of this wallet is more on testing features than newcomers trying out Bitcoin (testnet)

In this Bitcoin Testnet wallet review, we take a look at the Bitcoin Testnet wallet by Bitcoin wallet developers. And also show you how you can receive some free testnet coins in your testnet wallet. The Bitcoin Testnet wallet is only meant to test out things on the Bitcoin testnet. So the coins that you can receive in this wallet do not represent anything of value at all.


Opening the Bitcoin Testnet wallet app, you will directly land on the balance page. On this page, you can simply see your balance, send and receive testnet Bitcoins. The whole app is not very pretty looking as it is just gray/black and whitish. But for a testnet wallet like this that is not too relevant as it is not a wallet for daily use. On the right corner of the screen, users will find a small menu that gives them some extra features. These features are, sweeping paper wallets, a network monitor, viewing exchange rates, and more. Next to the menu is also a label icon that sends the user to an address book so the user can name their most-used addresses.

This wallet is of course meant for people that want to learn how to use Bitcoin or either test out payments before trying this on mainnet. Because of this, we ask you to be careful and not send any mainchain Bitcoins to the testnet addresses as this will result in a loss of the Bitcoins.

Getting some free Testnet Bitcoin

So ready to start testing? If so you can get some free testnet Bitcoins here! Simply fill in your testnet address and receive some free testnet Bitcoins, so you can start using and testing. Make sure you don’t just throw the testnet coins away because you can only get a limited amount of testnet coins a day.


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) Bitcoin Testnet wallet offers the following.

  • Testnet support
  • Sweeping paper wallets
  • Network monitor function


Like every other Wallet out there, the Bitcoin Testnet wallet has flaws and missing things. The flaws that we point out are of course based on our personal opinion and we would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

The Bitcoin Testnet wallet looks to us like it serves its purpose well as a testnet wallet. However, it would be nice to see a bit of focus shifted to teaching new users about Bitcoin too. A testnet wallet can be a great start for new people to get a feel of how it all works before they buy or start with real Bitcoins. Because we think this lowers the bar for people starting with Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin Testnet wallet is a fine testnet wallet and does what it needs to do. If the focus shifts a bit more towards teaching new users about Bitcoin that would be great tho. Besides that, we believe that the UI can use an upgrade but also see that this may be less of a priority for a testnet wallet. Because of all the things mentioned above we think the Bitcoin Testnet wallet deserves a fine 4.2 out of 5 stars.

We hope you enjoyed our Bitcoin Testnet Wallet review. In case you do not agree with our opinion? You can write your own Bitcoin Testnet wallet review here! And also check out what other people think about the Bitcoin Testnet wallet.

Extra note: So as always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product so a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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