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Green Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons

Easily user-friendly design
Strong security
Support for sidechain(s)
Always displays the crypto value in a fiat currency
You have to log in again to switch to your Liquid account on the same wallet

The Blockstream Green mobile wallet is built by Blockstream the company that also constructed the Liquid sidechain which is supported from within the wallet. The wallet is a digital wallet designed to store, send and receive Bitcoin.


The mobile wallet is nicely themed in the classic black and green Blockstream colors. As you open the app you will learn quickly how to use it and what functions it possesses through its clean design. So will the opening page after unlocking the app just be the sending and receiving page. This gives you a nice and simplistic view of your account balance. Besides the non-user-friendly features of the Bitcoin blockchain and Liquid sidechain, any user should be able to understand how to use the wallet in seconds.


When It comes to extra features (besides sending and receiving crypto) the Blockstream Green wallet offers the following.

  • Allows you to make use of the Liquid sidechain
  • Can connect to your hardware wallet

The Liquid network

The Liquid network integration is a notable feature of the wallet. The Liquid Network is a sidechain for Bitcoin that allows for additional functionality, providing a type of blockchain linked to the Bitcoin blockchain, but with different operations and trust models.

The Liquid Network serves as a supplementary infrastructure for traders and exchanges, easing the pressure on the Bitcoin blockchain. And making it cheaper to transact. The initiative was initiated by Blockstream, and other parties have since joined in.

Transactions involving Bitcoin on the Liquid Network sidechain are faster, less expensive, and more confidential. Furthermore, Liquid provides opportunities for extensive smart contracts and the issuance of digital tokens, and NFTs. All of these tokens on the Liquid sidechain can be managed from the Blockstream Green wallet.

Green wallet fees

One feature of the Blockstream Green wallet is its lack of fees for using the wallet. This means that users can send and receive transactions without any additional fee (besides the blockchain transaction fees), making it a cost-effective option for managing Bitcoin assets and coins. However, the transaction fees that you make with the wallet depend on the network that you are using. Where the Bitcoin blockchain itself is more expensive than if you would use its Liquid sidechain. 

Green wallet safe to use?

The Blockstream Green wallet is generally considered a safe-to-use, and secure wallet for managing Bitcoin, with several features to ensure the security of user funds such as two-factor authentication, multi-signature support, and end-to-end encryption. The company, led by Adam Back, has a strong reputation in the cryptocurrency industry for its commitment to security and privacy, and has assembled a team of leading experts to provide an open-source digital asset wallet for individuals, institutions, and developers. While no wallet or platform can provide complete security, users can take steps to protect their own funds, such as using strong passwords, keeping their private keys secure, and creating a backup. In addition to basic security measures like a pin code and seed phrase, users can also set up two-factor authentication, and use Tor or a proxy server for executing transactions. Overall, we regarded Green wallet as a reliable and secure option for managing digital assets. But users should always be aware of the security tools available and take steps to protect their own funds.


Like every other Wallet out there, The Blockstream Green mobile wallet has flaws and missing things. The flaws that I point out are of course based on my personal opinion and I would like to point out that they don’t always have to be a hindrance to anyone.

Being one of the first wallets to use the Liquid sidechain it would be great to see a function within the app that would let you convert your BTC to L-BTC, this so that you can fully use the Liquid network from inside of the wallet. Although the functions of sending and receiving work perfectly it would be nice to see something like a payment request function and/or a contract book in which you could add friends and family to whom you want to send some


The wallet is an easy to use and simple clean designed wallet for the use of Bitcoin. It also offers sidechain support which is a great plus. The wallet functions perfectly how it is supposed to but could use some more extra functions. Overall,  the Blockstream Green mobile wallet scores a good 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

We hope you enjoyed our Green Wallet review. In case you do not agree with our opinion? You can write your own Green wallet review here! And also check out what other people think about the Green wallet.

Extra note: Always check the date of this review to see if it is relevant. Wallets can add new functions and change designs to improve their product so a bad review now won’t mean they can’t be great in the future.

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