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Peach Bitcoin P2P Review

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anonymous Bitcoin purchases
Great design
Fiat onramp
Trading limit

What is Peach Bitcoin?

Peach Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that lets users buy Bitcoin without KYC. Buying and selling Bitcoin op Peach P2P exchange makes it safe to buy BTC as no one is watching, and you do not even have to create an account. Peach puts the focus on Bitcoin only. So if you are looking for other altcoins or shitcoins, you can better look somewhere else.

Peach Bitcoin is a Swiss-based company that works within the rules of Swiss law to make P2P Bitcoin trading possible. Although they are Swiss based, the app does make it possible to pay for your BTC with several fiat currencies.

How does Peach Bitcoin work?

Peach works with a quite simple. To trade on Peach, you do not need to create an account. You simply download the app, and you are ready to go.

Now to actually make a trade you will have to select a range between you would want to buy or sell your BTC. Once decided, you can publish your order and wait till someone matches yours.

Once a match is found, you will find it within the app. Here you get the option to match the offer and this will start the trade. If you are buying, you will now have to send your Fiat money to the person on the other side. They will have provided their payment details. Once you have transferred your funds, you can confirm your payment. The Bitcoin you now paid for will be locked for the trade, and once the other party confirms that they have accepted the payment, you will receive your Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is kept, locked, in a multi-sig wallet till both parties agree that the money was sent and received. If the BTC seller says they did not receive any fiat currency, Peach will investigate before they refund the seller. They can do this because the Bitcoin will sit in a wallet owned by both Peach and the seller. This means that both will need to agree before the Bitcoin can be moved.

Peach also offers a detailed starters guide on their site.

Why does Peach Bitcoin not need KYC?

Because of Swiss regulations, it is possible to buy Bitcoin for up to, 1000 CHF per day without providing your identification. This makes it possible for peer 2 peer traders to make small but significant trades every day on Peach without having to give up their privacy.

Traders that would want to trade larger amounts of fiat would sadly need to go somewhere else, as the trading limit on Peach is linked to this limit. Trading BTC above the limit of 1000 CHF per day without identification would bring Peach severe problems as this is illegal. And, as they state themselves, they would rather stay out of jail.

Can Peach Bitcoin be trusted?

Unlike with many other exchanges, you don't really have to trust Peach Bitcoin much to trade with them. Whereas with other centralized exchanges, your funds will be stored with them, Peach does not hold onto your fiat, and only partly holds the BTC for a short time. This is so because of the Peer to Peer trading structure they use. This comes down to the fact that you only send fiat back and forward between the people you are trading with. And the BTC locked in for the trade can not be sent by just Peach. But also needs the signature from the party selling the Bitcoin.

Trusting Peach is thus something you do not really need to do. Because of this and a bit because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, the team behind Peach decided to stay anonymous.  Although they did assure me online that they are properly registered with the right authorities. So little can be said about the people behind Peach, except that they have built a great product.

Cost of using Peach Bitcoin

Peach is still a company, and like any company, they need to generate revenue. Peach gets this from their trading fee. This trading fee comes in at 2% which is high compared to centralized trading platforms. But keeping your privacy comes with a price, as you will see with most other P2P exchanges. However, this 2% fee is only applied to the BTC buyer and not the seller. So this means that when the seller, sells their BTC they will get the exact amount as agreed upon. Whereas the buyer will get 2% because the trading fee will be taken off. 

Considering that it is not possible to trade large amounts on Peach, this trading fee thus will never be higher than 20 CHF. Which is, considering all things, not so bad. If you want to trade an amount much higher than this, you will have to go to a KYC exchange. But this can also cost you as they hold the keys and charge a percentage over all your trades as well + extra costs like withdrawal fees. 

The limits to KYC trading on Peach

Trading on Peach Bitcoin has a limit of 1000 CHF, which is almost the same as 1000 Euro or 1100 Dollars. This limit is placed to stay within Swiss law and make it possible for you to trade Bitcoin without having to do KYC verification. 

This limit is simple and is per day. Which still means that you can trade up to 365,000 CHF per year. Which, for most people that need P2P trading, is a huge amount of fiat money. 

Peach Bitcoin Supported Currencies And Payment Methods

Peach Bitcoin P2P exchange supports many fiat currencies, but not cryptocurrencies. Because they are a Bitcoin-only platform that focuses on BTC P2P & KYC free trading.

They support the following payment methods and fiat currencies.

  • Cash
  • SEPA / Instant SEPA
  • Faster Payments (GBP)
  • Straksbetaling (NOK)
  • National Bank Transfer
  • Advcash
  • PayPal
  • Revolut
  • Wise
  • N26
  • Friends 24
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysera
  • Vipps - Norway
  • KEKS Pay - Croatia
  • MobilePay - Denmark & Finland
  • Paylib - France
  • Lydia - France
  • Satispay - France, Germany & Italy
  • MBWay - Portugal
  • Bizum - Spain
  • Verse - Spain, Italy
  • Iris - Greece
  • Blik - Poland
  • Twint - Switzerland
  • Swish - Sweden
  • Amazon - Gift Cards


Each and every product can always be improved. So even though we think that Peach has created a great product, they too can improve on some things. In the case of Peach, it comes down to 2 simple things that could make its user experience a bit better. The first one is to integrate a Bitcoin layer 2 like the lightning network. Especially because when buying small amounts of BTC, you don't want to end up paying large transaction fees. This, however, Peach already confirmed that they are working on it.

And as a second, they could have a bit more liquidity to make trades find matches faster. But as with many things, this will just take time. And as the exchange becomes more popular, liquidity will follow.


Peach Bitcoin has created a great product. Especially considering that it was made by a small team of only 5 people. The interface makes it super easy to buy and sell P2P Bitcoin. Keeping your anonymity and making it easily understandable for anyone. Not only does the app help you buy Bitcoin, but it also contributes to the whole Bitcoin ecosystem, and it's on ramps where many other platforms sometimes struggle with making it even possible to buy Bitcoin directly without 100 unnecessary steps. For these reasons, we decided to rate Peach Bitcoin P2P exchange a 5 out of 5. And we ourselves will most definitely keep on using Peach for future BTC purchases. 

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