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SecuX Nifty Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons

Easily user-friendly design
Pushes you to make a backup
Offline NFT storage
Does not show tokens/coins in the hardware wallet

The SecuX Nifty hardware wallet is one of the first NFT hardware wallets. With the SecuX Nifty, you can store your NFTs in offline cold storage. But still have the option to display your NFTs offline. Nifty was built by the same team that brought you the other SecuX hardware wallets and is a great extension to the NFT space. Making it so that you can see and own your NFTs offline and in a safe environment.

What is the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet?

The SecuX Nifty hardware wallet was created by SecuX Technology Inc. The company focuses on Blockchain security through a series of offline storage products that they sell. The Nifty wallet is one of their recent product auditions which lets users display NFTs within the hardware wallet itself. Because of this, Nifty is the first ever offline wallet that allows you to display NFTs offline. 

Although, the wallet focuses on NFT users and the adoption of NFTs in people's daily lives. It can also be used for other cryptocurrencies and tokens. If that is desired. 

Looks & design

Opening the box of the Nifty wallet, you will find a nice small device with a grand screen on it. It basically looks like a small phone. But has very different features. So opening the wallet you will have only a few simple options. Which are to either view your NFTs or see your address to receive tokens and NFTs. But also a small settings menu for if you would like to change the settings. 

The wallet has a great, smooth design, and with its phone-like shape, it's easy to put anywhere you want. Whether that be in your pocket or in a safe. The Nifty wallet makes it simply easier and safer to store your NFTs. So if you have a large collection that you want to not keep online, a wallet like Nifty might be interesting. 

Features of SecuX Nifty NFT Hardware Wallet

Nifty like many other hardware wallets does not come with a lot of features as it is meant to keep your things offline. And not to do the newest Web3 trick. So Nifty’s main features come down to the 2 most important ones that set it aside from other hardware wallets. These are:

  • Offline NFT storage
  • Can Display NFTs offline

Although these are the features that Nifty has in the offline wallet. Its mobile app has a bit more functionalities and can be paired with the hardware wallet.

How to set up SecuX Nifty hardware wallet

Setting up Nifty only takes 2 seconds. Simply start the hardware wallet. Make sure it is charged of course. And download the mobile app on your phone. 

Now that you have done that, you will have to create a wallet within the hardware wallet itself. You will do this by pressing “Create a new wallet”. This will bring you to a 24-word backup code. Make sure you write this down carefully so that you may use this in the future if you would lose your wallet. So now that you have your code written down, the wallet will ask you to put it into the wallet again. Just to check if you did write it down. 

So when you are done creating the backup, you can go into your wallet, turn on your phone Bluetooth and connect it to the hardware wallet. This makes it possible to see the wallet on your phone and also copy your receiving address. But when you use it, do make sure it matches the one in the hardware wallet. 

Now you can simply receive NFTs at that address and when you have them you can download them from your phone to the Nifty wallet. So that it knows what image to display.

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Pairing SecuX Nifty hardware wallet with your phone

Connecting the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet to your phone is super easy and only takes a few steps. 

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

Step 2: Turn on the SecuX Nifty

Step 3: Click Connect in the wallet app

The mobile app simply finds the hardware wallet automatically through your Bluetooth connections and then sends you a connect button within the app. Of course, you do need to fill in the security codes. But those will come up on the screen once you need to fill these in.

SecuX Nifty mobile app

The SecuX Nifty mobile app is a user-friendly application that offers easy access to your crypto and NFT management. With its intuitive interface and robust features, the app allows users to securely store, manage, and transact with their digital assets on the go. Not only does the app support the Nifty wallet, but also the other wallets created by SecuX. So, if you already use one of their other hardware wallets. You could control them all from within the same app.

What coins are supported on the SecuX Nifty wallet?

The SecuX Nifty supports a variety of blockchains. These are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon 
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 
  • Solana

The wallet also supports all the tokens and NFTs on all of these blockchains. Making it a good variety of chains that you can choose from and store NFTs on. Only coins and tokens through Bitcoin are not (yet) supported. But transacting in BTC on the Bitcoin blockchain is possible. Making it not only a place to store your NFTs but also your BTC.

Can you stake coins with the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet?

Yes, you can stake coins with the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet. Simply connect the wallet to your phone and use the app to connect to a Web3 app. This of course should be a staking provider app if you want to stake your coins. Staking your tokens from here on goes the same as it normally would with any other wallet. But you will have to sign the transaction finality using the hardware wallet itself. 

So make sure that you keep the connection between your phone and the wallet at all times. So that you do not create any failed transactions.

How safe is the SecuX Nifty wallet?

So far, we have not been able to find a specific security bridge in the Nifty wallet. However, the wallet is fully encrypted and keeps the coins offline, making it basically impossible to hack. As long as the creators did not do something funny with it. 

Because the wallet keeps your coins and NFTs offline. No one can really hack it without having access to the backup code. So storing the wallet and the backup code in a safe place is of utmost importance. So as long as your funds are offline, they should be safe. And because the wallet is non-custodial, it means that only you are responsible for the funds on it. Making it so that the safety of the device lies in your hands. So take good care of it!

Has SecuX Nifty wallet been hacked before?

After doing a thorough search through the internet, we could not find any event like this. So as far as we know the Nifty wallet has never been hacked. Which makes sense as it is a hardware wallet. So as long as the company behind it did not do something strange. No one should be able to hack the wallet. Because the only person with the Private keys should be you.

This brings us back to the same point of stressing how important it is to create a good backup and keep it safe. Because not even SecuX can access your funds. Meaning that you are at all times fully responsible for them.

Can SecuX Nifty be hacked?

No, the wallet keeps its funds offline and has the device encrypted as well. Because of this, hacking the wall should be impossible. Unlike a hot wallet, which keeps the funds on a device that is connected to the internet. Nifty can not do this by itself, and the only connection point it can make is to your phone. Via a Bluetooth connection.

Who is the CEO behind SecuX Nifty Wallet?

The whole Bitcoin and crypto space can be a bit strange as many people try to stay anonymous and there are also many scams to be found. That's why we think it's important that the leaders of some of these crypto companies are open with who they are and what they do. Luckily, the people behind SecuX are and have their names and photos on their own website. So these are some of their core team members:

  • Sam Lin - Senior VP/ Co-founder
  • Jeff Shuo - CTO
  • Kyo Yang - Chief Information & Security Officer

Although they have some core people on their website. Not many of their staff can be found on their LinkedIn page. It would be great to see this improve and create a more trusted feeling around the company. 

How much does the SecuX Nifty wallet cost?

The SecuX Nifty comes for $199. But does come with free worldwide shipping. 

This makes the wallet not in the cheapest category of hardware wallets. But also not in the expensive category. Especially because the wallet has a display screen for NFTs. This makes it very different from the others on the market, which makes it worth slightly more as well. 

Is the SecuX Nifty wallet worth it?

Yes, we think the SecuX Nifty is totally worth it. It does come at a higher price. But the wallet is a great device that can store your NFTs offline. Besides that, it is the only hardware wallet that does it in this unique way. And because this wallet can last for years, we totally think that it is worth it for any active NFT collector or enthusiast. 

Improvement points for the Nifty wallet

Like any other wallet, Nifty can also use some improvements. And there are a few things that we would like to see in the wallet. 


In conclusion, the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet offers a unique and secure solution for storing NFTs offline. Created by SecuX Technology Inc., the wallet stands out as the first-ever offline wallet that allows users to display NFTs offline. Its sleek design, resembling a small phone, makes it convenient to carry and store in various locations.

The wallet's key features include offline NFT storage and the ability to display NFTs offline. While primarily designed for NFT users, it also supports other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Setting up the SecuX Nifty wallet is straightforward, requiring users to create a new wallet within the device and connect it to their phone via Bluetooth.

After doing a test using the wallet over a few weeks, we concluded that we give the wallet a score of 4.8 stars out of 5. As our final verdict. The Nifty wallet is a great wallet for any NFT fan out there!

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