10 Best Bitcoin wallets in 2023

Bitcoin wallets are essential for buying, selling, trading, and storing BTC. They allow users to manage their Bitcoin. And in some cases also on the Bitcoin layer 2’s. The best Bitcoin wallets make it easy and fun to manage your coins while promoting the use of the whole ecosystem.

To choose a cryptocurrency wallet, you should consider the cost, user experience supported cryptocurrencies and other features. Most wallets you can access from your smartphones or computers. On which the public and private keys are stored.

There are numerous Bitcoin wallets available on the market, with both software and hardware versions. In the below list we have highlighted the best Bitcoin wallets. So we can help you pick the best one for you.

1 - TrustWallet

TrustWallet is the most popular mobile wallet app that lets users store, manage and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. The company that built Trust wallet was acquired by Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. TrustWallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and many others.

Trust wallet markets itself as a user friendly wallet for Dapp users and NFT holders. The wallet makes it easy to connect to web3 apps and use the decentralized web. But also promotes the collection and trade of NFTs. With Trust, you can do this not only on EVM layer 1 blockchains but also on a few side chains like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Why we choose Trust: 

Because people simply have shown that they like Trust wallet as it is one of the most downloaded wallets in the world.


  • Supported by Binance 
  • Dapp connectivity 
  • Simple and easy-to-use design


  • Could include more educational content

2 - Exodus

Exodus is one of the best multi-crypto desktop wallets that allow users to securely store, manage, and exchange their digital coins in one place. Exodus was founded in 2015 by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli, with the aim of making it easy for people to use crypto in their daily lives.

Exodus has stood out for years with its easy to use crypto wallet on both desktop and mobile. With already hundreds of thousands of users that have downloaded the wallet. Exodus is also one of the few multi crypto wallets that support the Bitcoin lightning network, making it truly practical for everyone in crypto, from Bitcoin to Dapp users.

Next to the multi crypto supports that they offer. You can also stake certain cryptocurrencies from within the wallet. Making it a good place to earn some interest on your holdings.

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Why we choose Exodus: 

Because Exodus is one of the longest standing crypto wallets with a user friendly design and one of the first wallets some of us used as well. 


  • Built-in exchange
  • Very user friendly
  • Good customer support
  • Staking option


  • Closed source software
  • Not possible to add your own EVM

3 - Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet designed to help users maintain anonymity while using Bitcoin. Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial wallet that was built fully open source and collects no data from its users. 

One of the best features of Wasabi Wallet is its implementation of CoinJoin. CoinJoin is a privacy protocol that combines multiple transactions into a single transaction, making it very difficult for observers to track individual transactions. With the regular use of CoinJoin and no logged user data, Wasabi protects the privacy of BTC users.

In addition to CoinJoin, Wasabi Wallet also makes use of Tor to help conceal users' IP addresses and ensure their anonymity. By routing through the Tor network, Wasabi Wallet makes it difficult for anyone to track your wallet's activity.

Why we choose Wasabi: 

Because of the fact that Wasabi brings the real Bitcoin mentality to its wallet with a focus on privacy and open-source software.


  • Build in CoinJoin
  • Tor network privacy


  • No mobile version

4 - Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is a mobile crypto wallet that allows users to securely self store, manage, and transfer a lot of digital assets, including BTC, ETH, and almost all other EVM tokens. The wallet is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to use.

One of the key features of the Coinbase Wallet is its ability to connect to decentralized applications (Dapps) built on the Ethereum blockchain and other EVM networks. This allows users to easily interact with a range of decentralized services and platforms, such as decentralized exchanges (DEXes, games, and other applications.

Besides all that, the Coinbase wallet was developed by the same company that brought you the Coinbase centralized exchange. Meaning that a strong company with a well funded team stands behind it. Making sure that the wallet stays relevant and up to date with the newest blockchains and web3 features.

Overall, the Coinbase Wallet is a popular choice for users who want a simple and convenient way to store and manage their digital assets, while also being able to interact with a growing ecosystem of decentralized applications on many different blockchains.

Why we choose Coinbase wallet: 

Because of the clean design, Coinbase provides while also onboarding their centralized users to a decentralized ecosystem.


  • User-friendly design
  • Backed by a strong brand name
  • Supports many crypto assets
  • Multi-signature and 2FA support


  • Confusing name because of its centralized exchange counterpart

5 - Xverse

The Xverse wallet is a cutting-edge wallet for the Stacks ecosystem that is designed to provide users with a secure and convenient way to manage their Bitcoin assets. The wallet is one of the most popular wallets that supports both the Bitcoin blockchain and its Stacks sidechain. 

Xverse focuses on the usability of Stacks making it a portal for staking STX and interacting with Dapps on the Stacks layer 2. Making it a great wallet for collecting Bitcoin NFTs and earning rewards with Bitcoin Defi. 

Xverse exists as a user-friendly mobile wallet as well as a browser extension that opens automatically, so you can easily connect to Dapps like the Gamma NFT marketplace. The combination of Bitcoin and Stacks in one wallet makes Xverse a good wallet for the use of Bitcoin and the ecosystem on top of it. The only thing that is missing in the wallet would be an integration with the Lightning network. 

Why we choose Xverse: 

Because we think it is the most user friendly wallet for the whole Bitcoin Defi ecosystem.


  • A perfect portal into the STX ecosystem
  • Lets you earn interest paid out in BTC 


  • Does not display a lot of Dapps in the Dapp section

6 - Ballet

Ballet Wallet is a crypto hardware wallet that has been gaining popularity among newcomers to the crypto space. It was founded in 2018 by Bobby Lee, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry. Ballet Wallet is known for its user-friendly interface, advanced security features, and its unique physical wallet design.

One of the standout features of Ballet Wallet is its physical wallet, which is also known as the "Ballet Crypto" wallet. This wallet is designed to look and feel like a credit card and is intended to provide an added layer of security for users' digital assets. Because the wallet is basically a metal plate with the private key on it. You cannot get hacked or have your funds stolen via the web. 

With the Ballet Crypto wallet, users can hold their cryptocurrency fully offline, also known as "cold storage." This crucial security measure protects against online threats and hacking attempts. However, the Ballet Bitcoin wallet can be easily accessed through a mobile app, making it convenient for users to manage their assets on the go. 

The mobile app can be used for transacting with the wallet if that is desired. But functions best as a watch only wallet for you to check in on your BTC holdings. Besides Bitcoin Ballet also offers support for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Although the Ballet wallet is not the best wallet for more advanced users. It definitely is a strong wallet because of its ease of use. Ballet wallet basically needs no setup. And can be used as a perfect crypto gift. Making it a very good onboarding and starting wallet for new crypto users.

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Why we choose Ballet: 

Because of the easy way you can gift a Ballet wallet to a no coiner and bring them into the crypto space.


  • Perfect as a gift for any occasion
  • Solid security as it can not connect to the internet


  • Makes it very difficult to create another backup
  • Transacting with the wallet might take a bit longer because of its process with the private key

7 - Ledger

The Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet that allows users to securely store and manage their Bitcoin. It comes as a small physical device, similar to a USB stick, that can be plugged into a computer to access the user's cryptocurrency holdings.

One of the main advantages of using a Ledger hardware wallet is its strong security. Because the device stores the user's private keys offline, which are used to access their cryptocurrency holdings. Private keys are super important, as they are used to sign transactions and prove ownership of digital assets. By storing private keys on a separate device, away from online platforms, Ledger Nano X hardware wallet significantly reduces the risk of theft or hacking.

Besides BTC, Ledger hardware wallets also support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin, as well ERC-20 tokens. The device comes with a built-in display screen, which allows users to confirm transactions and view their cryptocurrency holdings directly on the device.

Why we choose Ledger: 

Because Ledger has great portability for a hardware wallet and has been one of the best and longest standing hardware wallet providers in the world. Or better said they have a good track record.


  • Good track record
  • Stores your private keys offline
  • Can connect to many other software wallets


  • Has had leaks of buyers' data in the past (from their website, not the wallet)
  • One of the bit more expensive hardware wallets

8 - Zebedee

The Zebedee wallet is a Bitcoin lightning only wallet. Although Zebedee (the company) has created one of the most outstanding (custodial) Lighting wallets. The company originally focused on games. These games are all integrated with the Bitcoin lightning network. And thus they also created a wallet to connect to these games.

The Zebedee wallet is thus not only a Bitcoin wallet but also a gaming hub at the same time. This places them in a key position for the adoption of BTC and the lightning network. Especially in parts of the world where financial instruments are not easily accessible. With the Zebedee wallet and games, people from less fortunate places can easily get access to some Sats of their own and a place to store them.

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Why we choose Zebedee: 

Because of the great design that wallet has and the fact that it boosts BTC adoption through gaming.


  • Great for earring some Sats
  • Nice design
  • Good for onboarding your friend via BTC games


  • Only give you the option for a custodial wallet
  • No option to use the main Bitcoin blockchain

9 - Blue Wallet

Blue Wallet is one of the most popular and oldest open-source Bitcoin lightning wallets that allow users to securely store, send, and receive Bitcoin. The wallet has a very user-friendly interface and advanced security locking features.

Blue wallet has a Bitcoin-only approach and does not support any other blockchains. Making it a good wallet for people that do not want to use or hear anything about other blockchains and tokens. Blue allows you to set up different types of BTC wallets like a main-chain, watch-only, or lightning wallet. On top of that they also give you some advanced features for transaction control to decide for yourself on the transaction cost you will make.

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Why we choose Blue: 

Because of its open source approach and high quality build lightning network wallet.


  • Good and easy-to-use design
  • Support for both on-chain and lightning transactions
  • Multi-signature for added security


  • No info on what to do or how to spend your Sats

10 -

The DeFi Wallet focuses on users seeking decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and web3 protocols. And is a non-custodial wallet built for EVM blockchains. Its primary feature is its broad support for DeFi protocols, including Uniswap, Compound, and Aave, among others, which helps users with swapping and lending cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the wallet boosts not only the use of on-chain applications but it also further spreads the name of the centralized exchange behind the wallet. Although their exchange product is fully custodial. The Crypto dot com Defi wallet is fully non-custodial. Making it the user's responsibility to take good care of the funds and manage their own crypto assets. 

Why we choose Defi: 

Because the Crypto dot com Defi wallet has one of the most interactive portals to Dapps.


  • Hundreds of supported coins, including BTC, ETH, SOL, LTC, and DOT
  • Earn interest on many of the crypto tokens
  • The strong name behind its developers


  • Confusing name as its centralized exchange uses the same name

Bitcoin wallets FAQ

What Is a Bitcoin Wallet and what isn't?

Many articles that list the best crypto or Bitcoin wallet will give you a list with 90% of the items on the list being crypto exchanges. On our wallet posts, you will never find any of this but only real wallets. Because a crypto or Bitcoin wallet is something that you own yourself and control yourself. Funds in a trading account are thus no wallet. Just like funds in your bank account are not sitting in your wallet. But rather in the bank.

What is a software wallet?

A software wallet is a wallet that is not made physically but rather as a digital product that you can download on a device. Most wallets are software wallets and often can be used on more than one device.

What is a Hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is the opposite of a software wallet and is not digital. Hardware wallets come in multiple different forms of physical devices that you can use to store your Bitcoins on. Because this type of wallet is not connected to the internet it will keep you safe from potential hacks. 

How to choose the best crypto wallet

Which wallet is the best for you, highly depends on your needs. So take a good look at all wallets that spark your interest. And see whether or not they offer the features that you are looking for. Whether it be privacy or Defi integrations.

How much does a Bitcoin wallet cost?

A Bitcoin wallet does not cost anything. So don't let yourself be tricked by anyone that's charging you for the use of a BTC wallet. All the wallets in this article are also free. But might charge other fees for products in the wallet. 

What is a Private Key or Backup Phrase 

This is the password to your wallet. With it anyone could access the funds you hold in that wallet. And without a back up you could lose your funds forever if you lose the wallet. So always make sure to create a backup that you will never share with anyone else.

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