10 Best Klaytn wallets for 2023

The Klaytn blockchain is a project started by the huge Korean company Kakao.  Kakao plans to run some of its business on this new public blockchain. To enjoy this fast new blockchain you of course need a Klaytn wallet. So in this post, we share our 10 best Klaytn wallets for you!

What is Klaytn?

Started by a large public Korean company named Kakao. The Klaytn blockchain stands in the middle of its blockchain ambitions. Services such as a digital bank, Kakaotalk, and Kakao taxi are all services run by Kakao that could/will make use of its new Klaytn blockchain. On top of the fact that anyone else can always submit or add Dapps to their public blockchain as well. The blockchain supports a full set of features similar to Ethereum but with more scaling building from the start.  In this post, we will go over the best 10 wallets for the Klaytn blockchain. But it is important to tell you that the Klaytn blockchain is EVM compatible. This means that you can add it manually to many EVM wallets like Metamask. We have already written a post about how you can do this “How to add Klaytn MetaMask?”. Here you can also find more info about the blockchain itself so check it out now!

But now let’s take a look at the 10 best Klaytn wallets for 2022!

Bitkeep wallet banner

1. Bitkeep

Founded in Singapore in early 2018, the BitKeep wallet provides a reliable and trusted service for all sorts of crypto users. Including users of the Klaytn blockchain. With more than 5 million users around the world, the Bitkeep wallet has come to our first place for this list. Because of its great design and user-friendly look. With the Bitkeep, users can enjoy the full set of Klaytn features on their blockchain. With things like NFTs, Dapps, and much more running on the chain.  Bitkeep offers features for NFT collectors, crypto traders, and investors alike. With special taps for launchpads, Swaps, and interest-earning Dapps. This way you can enjoy the full potential of the new multi-chain decentralized world.

Kaikas wallet banner

2. Kaikas

As a wallet specially made for the Klaytn blockchain the Kaikas wallet finds itself in our number 2 spot on the list. Kaikas comes with a clean design made for the everyday person that wants to safe keep their own Klaytn NFTs. Although the app is very simple it allows collectors of NFTs and NFT gamers to fully enjoy their collection from their phones. This way they can easily show-of their collection to anyone and also use it on-chain whenever they want.

Metamask wallet banner

3. Metamask

The Metamask extension and mobile wallet is one that can not be missed from this list. The very popular crypto wallet lets its users easily connect to any Dapp for the blockchains that the wallet supports. Because Klaytn is an EVM blockchain, you can very easily add it to Metamask. To see how to do so, click here! With Metamask you can easily add custom tokens to your wallet. But also enjoy all the Dapps on-chain. For old (and new) crypto users Metamask can be the right choice if they already are familiar with the wallet. This makes it much easier as you can use Metamask for Ethereum the same as for the Klaytn blockchain. Check out our Metamask review here!

coinbase wallet banner

4. Coinbase Dapp

With the Coinbase (non-custodial) wallet you can add any EVM blockchain, just as with Metamask. The wallet has a great design making it easy for new and old crypto users to get started with the world of blockchains.  With the Wallet extension, you can use hundreds of Dapps, swap tokens on any DEX, earn interest on your cryptocurrencies, and purchase NFTs. The Coinbase wallet extension ensures compatibility with all desktop apps. So you can use one wallet for all the blockchain features. And you don’t have to switch from wallet to wallet.

Klaytn wallet banner

5. Klaytn wallet

The Klaytn web wallet is a Klaytn blockchain account management tool that connects to the Klaytn network through any web browser. This Klaytn Wallet was developed by the team to help blockchain application development and was not specifically targeted to serve end-users. However, if you are just getting started with Klaytn and want to try out a wallet to simply send and receive tokens. This wallet could be useful to you. You can add send and receive custom tokens with the wallet. And you always keep the private key stored yourself on your own device.  The Klaytn team recommends that you use this wallet only on the testnet (Baobao). And when you use the Klaytn wallet to manage your assets on the mainnet (Cypress), that you be very careful. Because only you are responsible for the safety of your digital assets.

brave banner

6. Brave Browser

The Brave browser gets listed quite often in our lists of wallets. Because the browser has this builtin Metamask like wallet. This makes the browser one of the best ones for crypto users and makes it super easy to get started. No need to search for more wallets when you already use Brave.  Besides the fact that it is easy to use and can connect to any Dapp. It also can bring you some revenue from surfing the web. Because if you turn on your ads in the Brave browser you will receive small amounts of BAT tokens. Which is the ecosystem token of the Brave browser.

Midas protocol wallet

7. Midas

Next on the list, we have the Midas Protocol wallet. This is a multi-crypto mobile wallet that allows users to send, receive, and store their crypto coins and tokens. It allows access to Dapps and both centralized and decentralized exchanges in the same app. With the Midas Protocol wallet, you can access Binance, Biki, OKEX, Kucoin, Changeally, and Totle exchange. But also decentralized DEXes like Kyber and the Binance DEX. With Midas wallet, you can manage your assets in different groups with multiple profiles. This can be perfect for the management of your Defi portfolio. If you like to use Defi then this wallet can be perfect as it can connect to Dapps, making the world of web3 available to you. The wallet is fast and lightweight and works both for iOS and Android.

nBlocks wallet banner

8. nBlocks

nBlocks wallet is one of the easiest ways to create an account for the Ethereum, EOS, and Klaytn blockchain networks. In a few seconds, you can log in with your Google account. Making it very accessible for anyone. Although your login with Google, you still hold your own private key as it is stored in different parts, and in different locations. One of these locations is your Google drive.  If staking Klaytn is your way to roll, then this wallet might be one for you. As it allows staking your funds to some of the verified stakers on the Klaytn blockchain.  So you can earn a nice yield on your crypto.

tokenpocket wallet banner

9. TokenPocket

TokenPocket is by now one of the classic long-standing crypto wallets. With their own token and a constantly growing ecosystem and userbase. They made it once again to one of our lists because of the wallet’s smooth look, and great service overall.  TokenPocket supports many different chains and Dapps within the app, with one of these chains being Klaytn. With already more than 10 million users from around the globe TokenPocket is one of the most popular places for storing crypto. But it is not only limited to storing crypto. You can also use the wallet to bridge between different blockchains and layer 2’s. Or simply use the Dapps on any of these chains. With the world becoming more multi-chain by the day, a wallet like TokenPocket could be ideal for you.

xdefi wallet banner


Also known as the Ethereum killer. The XDEFI non-custodial wallet has also made it to our list. For you as a multi-cryptocurrency user, XDEFI could be the perfect match. With not only support for custom EVM blockchains but also Bitcoin and ThorChain.  On top of the supported blockchains, XDEFI has features for displaying NFTs from all chains in an Instagram-like gallery. This makes it easier to show your NFTs to all your friends. And makes the collecting of them much more fun.  Or swap your tokens cross-chain with swaps over ThorChain. This way you can swap your tokens in an instant without having to pay super-high gas fees all the time. Check out more about XDEFI here!

Klaytn wallets F.A.Q.

Where can I find the official Klaytn wallet?

You can find the official Klaytn wallet on their website. It is however Web-only. Although their official wallet, they do recommend that you only use it for their testnet and you use another one with a better interface for your daily dose of the Klaytn blockchain.

How much does it cost to store Klaytn on these wallets?

Luckily, nothing at all. All the wallets that we have listed above are free to use. So you can enjoy crypto from anywhere at any time! Besides that, almost all crypto wallets come completely free. Except for Hardware wallets.

Where can I safely store my Klaytn?

Sadly we can never really answer this as it depends a lot on you. All the wallets in this blog are non-custodial. Meaning that if you use one of them, you will be responsible for the security (and no one else). So always be careful and make sure that you have a backup of your keys somewhere safe. Plus a good virus scanner and password that protects you from viruses, outsiders, etc.

Does Klaytn support games?

Yes, the Klaytn blockchain can most definitely support crypto games on top of it. With their latest focus pointing towards the Metaverse. And already many projects building on top of it. Projects like Sheepfarm, Klaycity, Mudol, Jun Meta, and many others.

What is the current Klaytn price?

We never make price predictions at Yada as that is not our specialty. But you can find the current KLAY token price on websites like CoinmarketCap & CoinGecko.

Does Klaytn have its own native DEX?

Yes, you can swap your token directly on the KlaySwap DEX. Just make sure you have a wallet that can connect to Dapps. We really hope this blog helped you find a place to put your KLAY coins and tokens. But if you prefer a wallet that was not included in our list, you can go to our filter page. Here you can find a wallet for any type of cryptocurrency, NFT, or token. If this blog helped you then don’t forget to check out the others and give us a like and follow on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter! We also made a great list of the best Avalanche wallets! Check it out here! And the best Harmony One wallets! Check it out here!

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